The Ivess property is blessed with no physical boundary with neighbouring Matekai Park. First there were cows in the park. Then grazing sheep that occasionally got stuck in fences. Over time the fences came out and the park now visually blends with Helen and Ian’s garden. Like others in the neighbourhood who border this communal space, the couple has enhanced it by planting trees and erecting a birdbath popular with tui and kereru. Helen tells stories of her parents moving here in 1952. Her father helped fashion the street, which runs parallel to the beach, with a bulldozer. “We were just country bumpkins then.” The couple’s house began as a bach-like structure but after several additions and coats of paint, it feels modern, airy and colourful. “I love painting,” declares Helen, who is a home economics and textiles teacher, Opposite: Helen Ivess indulges her love of red, but in a restrained way, like painting her front door in Resene Pohutukawa. Above: The wide northwest-facing deck is the perfect spot to gaze into the neighbouring park. The weatherboards are Resene Seashell, with the garage wall at the back in Resene Burnt Crimson. The deck boards are painted in Resene Stack, and the posts and veranda frame are in Resene Black. Left: Garden-owner and colour-lover Helen Ivess framed by a wall in Resene Burnt Crimson. The posts are Resene Black and the deck is Resene Stack. Resene Seashell Resene Burnt Crimson Resene Stack Resene Black top tip For safer paths and deck surfaces, use Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path. It has a light gritted texture for extra grip and slip-resistance. feature garden 75