blue’s the best We understand you’re working on a new home and garden television show that will be out next year. What have you enjoyed most? In my role as a journalist, broadcaster and television host, the thing I love the most is that I get to meet amazing people doing inspirational things, and I get to share their stories, ideas, tips and tricks with others. We believe you have renovated your own home and garden? How did that go? I am a serial renovator! Most recently we repainted pretty much the whole interior while I was seven months pregnant with our third child. I went for some pretty bold colours and was worried it was my hormones leading the charge, but we’re still super happy with the results 18 months on and I love the colours! The best money we spent was on getting a Resene in-home colour consultant to help us narrow down decisions. Next stop, the exterior. I’d also love to re-do our small kitchen to make it functional for a busy family of five. How would you describe your personal style? I do love bold colours and textures, but with a bit of Scandi mixed in. What is your favourite decorating colour or colours? Definitely the blue/grey hues. Is there a colour you would never use in your own home? Probably purple. But never say never. I didn’t like mustard for a good while but now have mustard cushions on our teal blue couch. What are your favourite colours from Resene’s latest The Range fashion colours collection, and why? Resene Unwind – I have similar colours to this painted in two of the kids’ bedrooms. I find it so calming and soothing. It makes me smile whenever I see it. Resene Safehaven – I also have a similar colour to this, Resene Beatnik, in our lounge. It is just so impactful and happy. I love the colour and it works with so many other accents, as well as making a real statement. Resene Safehaven Resene Beatnik Popular broadcaster Carly Flynn is a serial renovator who feels right at home with blue and grey. Resene Unwind 80 my favourite colours