Books, toys and even odd socks. There’s a place for everything when it comes to kids’ bits and pieces. a place for everything Accessories: Knitted mermaid and poster map from Tea Pea; books and bunting from Iko Iko; floating whale from Father Rabbit; money tin from The Warehouse. Floating shelves, 3 ways Floating shelves are a dream addition to any kid’s room. They take up little space yet provide plenty of room to stack books, toys and ornaments. Make your shelves colourful and adaptable by making MDF squares to sit above each shelf, then painting both the squares and shelves with Resene testpots. Hang them any way you like, or in a format that suits the space you have. These are painted in Resene Smiles, Resene Sherbert and Resene Yabbadabbadoo. The wall is in Resene Softly Softly, the vase and candle are in Resene FX Metallic Solid Gold, the seashell is Resene Buzz and the pot is Resene Splat. Always make sure you position shelves away from areas where children may bump their heads as they stand up. Resene Splat Resene Solid Gold Resene Softly Softly Resene Smiles Resene Buzz Resene Sherbert Resene Yabbadabbadoo 56 kids’ bright ideas