Resene Crisp Green Resene Half Delta Resene Ecru White Resene Tussock environment. Yet this home is more colourful than first meets the eye. Working within covenants, the colour use is inspiring, where many people would settle for neutrals, said the judges. The colours used are Resene Canvas and Resene Half Delta on the fibre cement cladding with Resene Ecru White, Resene Tussock and Resene Boulevard on the battens. Inside the bach, the combination of materials and colourways brings with it an instant fun holiday vibe with a sense of relaxation and escape. Said the judges: “This bach feels at home with nature on the inside, as it does on the outside. The perfect antidote to city life.” The kitchen pictured features Resene Crisp Green, Resene Cararra, Resene Boulevard and Resene Half Delta. Resene Boulevard is from an older colour collection; try Resene Sorrento as an alternative. The Residential Exterior Maestro (runner up) award went to Annabel Cropper, of Nott Architects, for a totally unexpected use of bright Resene Picton Blue for part of the exterior of a house which was otherwise finished in Resene Scoria. The rural leanings of the streetscape acts as the gatekeeper to the colour within so that the bold blue is only enjoyed by those who make it past the front door. “Adventurous, bold, fun and completely unexpected. This is a totally unconventional and courageous colour combination to come home to, perfect for a family that isn’t afraid to go bold,” said the judges. lifetime award It’s fitting that this year’s winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Gerald Parsonson of Parsonsons Architects in Wellington. He won two of the categories in this year’s awards and has a history of using colour to great effect in his work. The citation for the lifetime award commented that: “looking through the work of Gerald Parsonson, there is a rhythm of colours that runs through his projects – sometimes it is brighter and bolder, sometimes it meanders softly. Each project has its own colour rhythm; no two are alike. Each palette is carefully curated for each owner, their lifestyle and the way they want to use their space. It’s a reminder for all of us that colour can reflect who we are and how we want to live our lives and that we should never be afraid to choose to live with the colours we love.” Resene Boulevard Resene Sorrento Resene Canvas Resene Scoria Resene Picton Blue 34