your next big T here are experts who track and predict colour trends for fashion, products and interiors. Then there are colours that are borne out of the collective consciousness. Millennial pink was one such colour and as we become more visually sophisticated, post our lives to our Instagram accounts and seek change at a faster pace, more such colours will emerge. It’s exciting and galvanising to be part of the trends, and not merely the receiver of them. It makes the job of Resene colour experts dynamic too, constantly planning paint colour and wallpaper collections and formulating new colours. Resene is at the forefront of such colour innovation, regularly launching fashion colour fandecks that serve as a guide not only to current colour trends but tracking what’s to come next. The new Resene The Range fashion colours 20 is an inspiring and carefully curated collection of 175 colours, many of which have never been seen before. The fandeck is set against Resene’s core range of colour, the Resene Multi-finish range, which consists of 896 colours, and a total colour collection of thousands of colours. Key colour trends As communities galvanise over social and political movements you can see design trends going bolder, with true reds, or stormy blues and dark brooding tones. Check out Resene Havoc, Resene Coast and Resene Dark Web. Warmer colours are generally on the rise, from mustard and earthy neutrals, to creamy whites and rich browns. Such colours carry the promise of global exploration and porous borders. So often seen in indigenous art and cultures, they are rich in history, grounding, and reassuring. Try Resene Influential, Resene Eighth Stonewashed and Resene Tablelands. The visual antithesis of this rich palette is one awash with mild greys and weathered blues. Soothing and cleansing, these soulful tones comfort us as we retreat from a hyper-digitally coloured and busy world. Try Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Slipstream and Resene Half Dusted Blue Millennial pink was a colour borne out of the global colour trends Check out the exciting new range of fashion colours from Resene. Resene Despacito Resene Sorbet Resene Just Dance Resene Sunbaked Resene Rose Gold Resene Poured Milk Resene Irresistible Resene Rebel Resene Colorwood Pitch Black Above: Resene FX Metallic Rose Gold, used to paint this small vase, is one of Resene’s newest metallic hues. The trend for metallics this season stays warm and burnished rather than silvery and glitzy. Think brass, dulled copper and antique gold. Other metallic paint colours to try are Resene Copper Fire, Resene Spark and Resene Extraterrestrial. See the Resene Metallics & special effects colour collection for more metallic options. Resene Copper Fire Resene Spark Resene Extraterrestrial Resene Coast Resene Havoc Resene Dark Web Resene Influential Resene Eighth Stonewashed Resene Tablelands Resene Silver Chalice Resene Slipstream Resene Half Dusted Blue testpots 6