Resene Quarter Truffle top tip Avoid fly spots on ceilings with Resene Fly Deterrent. Designed to discourage flies from sitting on the painted surface, it reduces the appearance of unwanted fly spots, and is especially useful for high ceilings like this. alternative solution – all about the view 54 before Above: Walls in Resene Peace are offset with a fireplace and trims in Resene Thunder Road, while the ceiling is in Resene Quarter Truffle and the floor is in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. Other products include an Outline Sofa from Simon James Design, Outline wall mirror from Joska and Sons, Vertigo pendant light from ECC, Ombra Table Lamp, Compound Tall Boy, Moon Knit Throw, Vitra L’Oiseau bird, Melt candleholder, Pop Print Wall Art and Gava stool/side table from Citta Design, oval stool from Tessuti and leather Moroccan slippers from Paper Plane.