Residential or Commercial* We’ve Got You Covered! 5 Year Workmanship Guarantees ➢ The Guarantees work like an extended warranty and covers the client if, for any reason, the contractor can’t remedy what is a workmanship related problem. ➢ The Master Painters Guarantee is an option for Residential Customers, and Low Rise Commercial, Churches and Schools, where Approved Product Lines are used. ➢ New Builds, Alterations, Renovation of old Painting Work, Outside and Inside are all eligible to have the Guarantee, providing the products are on the prescribed list. ➢ Maximum covers do apply (refer to website). ➢ Offers security and peace of mind when contracting a painter to do major work. ➢ Also covers you if you are sub-contracting to a builder. ➢ Is supported by the major paint companies and the Registered Master Builders Association. ➢ The Guarantee can be transferred to anyone who buys the property, making it an intangible asset for seller and purchaser. ➢ For direct residential consumer contracts the guarantee acts in addition to the rights and remedies that you automatically have under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Serving New Zealand for over 100 Years * Terms & Conditions apply - refer to for details. Ask to see their Membership Card.