Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta Above: A Cape Cod style kitchen, with Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta cabinets and Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue walls is the ideal look for this home’s new style. The splashback tiles are from Tile Warehouse, chosen because they looked like rippling water. Right: The stairwell used to be a narrow dingy space with a high wall. The couple opened it up and painted it in Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue. The light is called Aloe Blossom by Jeremy Cole from Mr Ralph. “I like that it’s a diverse range of blues and greys yet still creates a cohesive scheme.” throughout the house, from Resene Half Duck Egg Blue in the bedrooms, Resene Midwinter Mist in the main bedroom, Resene Half Gull Grey in a hallway and the study, and Resene Quarter Truffle in the main bathroom and other hallways. It now echoes the changing colours of the inlet waters. “In an inlet you get more mood and colour variation in the water. And because the house faces east, the white we chose had to be a warm white, not a cool white.” Hence, the use of Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta on the ceilings, trims and kitchen cabinets. “I like that the house has a diverse range of blues and greys yet still feels like a cohesive scheme. And colours like the Resene Duck Egg Blue change character depending on the light and the amount of vegetation outside the window. They’re mutable and interesting,” says Angela. “Each room has its own level of light and sunshine, so we tried to pick what was right for the room.” With up to 16 different Resene testpot patches on the walls, Tim and Angela would discuss every decorating decision… “but Angela had the final say,” says Tim. 49 feature house