S o often, house exteriors are painted in a restrained palette of tonal neutrals. Simple. And maybe a little bit plain. That approach wasn’t going to cut it for Helen and Ian Ivess. Sure, they chose some smoky dark greys for their home in the seaside settlement of Oakura, south of New Plymouth. But then came a wall of soft mother- of-pearl white, and three walls of… well, red. The couple opted for exterior blocks of colour after being inspired by the same technique on a local hotel. Resene Seashell was applied to the northwest facing walls overlooking a neighbouring park while the front of the house received a covering of dark green-grey Resene Woodsmoke. Resene Burnt Crimson went on three of the garage walls and on another wing of the house. The base of the house and fences are in Resene Black and the deck is Resene Stack. bland? why be A clever colour-block approach brightens this garden. Resene Pohutukawa 74