illustration Malcolm White Elm Wood Antique Round Stool Citta Design 09 630 6177 Celestial Vintage Glass Pendant Early Settler 0800 523 828 Resene Truffle Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony Resene Wishing Well Atelier Dining Chairs Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Wharf Dining Table Freedom Furniture 0800 373 336 Resene Half Merino Cloudburst Benchtop Caesarstone 0800 303 606 Resene Porter 31 rich moody colour makes for an ultra-stylish scheme Designer Deanna Hills suggests this alternative scheme: This new-look kitchen and dining space is a sophisticated look that uses rich, moody tones, a mixture of timbers and a touch of brass to give it a modern and stylish feel. A key feature of the room is the two different ceiling heights, used to create a stunning focal point. Using the darker Resene Porter on the stepped-down area of ceiling creates an interesting colour-blocking style, and gives the illusion of a room within a room. That darker colour runs down to the top of the kitchen cabinets creating a bold connection between the two different surfaces. Ideally, a good kitchen design will allow the space to serve a key purpose while still being a part of the architecture of the rest of the home. phone 027 845 3149 web