welcome what a Revel in Cape Cod beachy style with these stylish front entry ideas. Treat your deck To keep your deck looking good, use a colour from the Resene Woodsman outdoor stains range, or finish it with Resene Furniture and Decking Oil. This stain is Resene Woodsman Driftwood. If you’re worried about safety on step edges, you can use Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path, which has a gritty texture, or even Resene FX Nightlight, which glows in the dark. Darker and different When choosing exterior colours, err on the side of a darker tone as the sun will make the colour seem lighter. For tonal colour schemes, make sure there is enough contrast between the different colours so that it doesn’t all end up looking the same under outdoor light conditions. Resene Woodsman Driftwood styling Emily Somerville-Ryan images Bryce Carleton on trend 43