Weathered blues and whitewashed plywood create a soothing space to relax and read as we seek to escape the hectic, ultra-public and digital world beyond the front door. It’s a soft beachy eco vibe that would work with any interior. The built-in benchseat brings an architectural dimension to the room, made of plywood and finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash on the wall and benchseat top. The cupboards in front are finished in Resene Colorwood Greywash stain and Resene Raindance paint. Keeping with the natural theme, the floorboards are in Resene Colorwood Natural wood stain with Resene Qristal ClearFloor. Pull up a chair and add a coffee table painted in Resene Poured Milk (top) and Resene Quarter Baltic Sea (legs). The walls are painted in Resene Sea Fog as a cool- based white backdrop. This complex, mutable white changes with the light, looking shadowy or light depending on the direction of the sun or lighting used. Add a collection of ornaments painted in Resene Poured Milk (candlesticks), Resene Lazy River (honeycomb vase), Resene Raindance (textured vase) and Resene Influential (diamond-patterned pot), then sit back and relax. For furniture and accessory details, see page 11. softly softly 9