Resene Foundry Resene Quarter Rice Cake Resene Black White Above: A long benchtop emphasises the ‘dip painted’ effect with the lower windows and cabinets in Resene Foundry and walls papered in Resene Wallpaper Collection design 46577, from Resene ColorShops. The top part of the windows is in Resene Quarter Rice Cake. Right: Even a replica timber dresser gets the tide line effect. images Rachel Wybrow Half and half A stunning two-tone kitchen that uses an unexpected visual ‘tide line’ is the result of one man’s passion for his villa renovation. When Cameron Nimmo of Oamaru was gathering inspiration for the project, he came across a photograph of black character doors and images of dip-painted furniture and doors. Taken with the idea, he decided to use the dado height from elsewhere in the house, which sat at about 1200mm off the floor, and run that line around the kitchen. Everything below would be painted in Resene Foundry and everything above it would be white, with the walls papered in design 46577 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection from Resene ColorShops, and the windows in Resene Quarter Rice Cake. “I used a laser measure to get the line straight, but there was a lot of taping!” The line runs across window joinery, the pantry door, the fireplace and even a timber dresser. Says Cameron: “People were surprised that I painted the dresser because they thought it was old. But it’s actually a new piece made out of recycled teak that I found on TradeMe.” The dresser fits snuggly into its purpose-built corner, alongside the newly constructed fireplace which houses a free-standing oven. The tide line effect is emphasised by the dramatic size of the bench by the window, which is 5m long, while the bifold windows above are 3.4m long. Plans are afoot for a large entertaining deck outside so that Grey proves a winning colour in these sensational kitchens. go for grey the bench can be accessed on both sides once the windows are open – “like a bar leaner,” says Cameron. The benchtop is made of acrylic to avoid unsightly joins and includes a classic butler’s sink. A clever trick has been used on the ceiling in the kitchen – an anaglypta paper embossed to look like old pressed tin ceilings has been applied using design RD0151 from the Resene Wallpaper Anaglypta Collection, available from Resene ColorShops. It has then been painted in Resene Black White. Cameron chose brass fittings, lights, taps and handles to fit the traditional look of the kitchen and a rich parquet floor… which is actually vinyl. Aside from 59 kitchens