Resene Slipstream three of my favourites from the new fandeck welcome It was like a mid-winter Christmas minus the food but plus the gifts. Opening up the new Resene The Range fashion colours fandeck was like opening a much-anticipated present. Launched just recently, it’s chock full of on-trend colours as well as some old favourites. There are peachy pinks to die for, ochres that make my heart sing, reds that I’m warming anew to, and some intriguing moody dark colours that I can’t wait to try. The new colours are spread throughout this issue of habitat but for a look at some of them in action, and why they are hitting the mark, trend-wise, see page 6. In another celebration of colour, this year’s Resene Total Colour Awards were announced recently, with some examples of surprising use of colour – see page 33. The amazing talent of our design community in using strong colour well is always heartening to see. You’ll notice that there is a good selection of weathered and dusky blues on the new fandeck, which are perfect colours for the coming spring and summer seasons. We visit a seaside house that makes great use of such tones on page 46 and take a look at how to create relaxing interiors, a la the bach look on page 38. Whatever your colour preferences, there will be something you’ll love in the new collection. And if not, then Resene has plenty of other colours to choose from. I know that whenever I visit my local Resene ColorShop I feel like a kid in a candy store. Or maybe a kid under the Christmas tree! Happy reading. Creating new paint colour collections is like putting together a giant puzzle. We draw inspiration from international trend forecasting, as well as looking at what is happening right here and what we can see evolving over the years, months and weeks. This process takes many months as we gather a collection of potential colours. Inevitably we end up with a huge array of colours that would be impossible to fit into one colour chart! And thus the gradual process of paring down begins. Then we have to name the colours. When you have nearly 100 new colours, this takes longer than you might expect, especially with opposing views on which name suits which colour. Each colour really does have its own personality and deciding on the perfect name can feel as agonising as choosing a baby’s name. The bold colours seem easier to name while the greens are usually the last to be named. Luckily we have help. Our own staff suggest colour names, as do many of our customers. If you have a fabulous idea for a paint colour name, we’d love to hear it – please send it to You may see it on a Resene colour chart in the future! The joy of any new colour collection is seeing the colours used on projects big and small. We love to see them pop up on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and in happy emails from customers who have found a new favourite colour. We hope you find your new favourite, too. We’d love to hear how you’ve used it. Happy decorating! the Resene team Resene Time After Time Sharon Newey editor Resene Elderflower Resene Peace Resene Moccasin editorial 3