toto Resene Bewitched Resene Half Periglacial Blue Resene Grey Seal Resene Slipstream Resene Woodsman Driftwood Step 1: Make the frame, starting with the top pieces laid on a flat surface to make sure all pieces are square and even. Make the base frame, then attach to the top frame with the vertical side pieces. Step 2: Attach the end pieces of plywood (measuring 550mm x 535mm) first as these sit flush with the frame at the top and side edges. BUT leave a 15mm overhang or lip at the bottom. This is to allow for the base and the feet to be inset. Attach the front and back, lining them up with the ends, with the 15mm overlap at the bottom. Step 3: Attach the feet to the base piece of ply, on the smooth side not the grooved side if you are using grooved ply, then drop the base piece into place. Screw into place. Step 4: Make the frame for the lid; there’s no back piece, just sides and front. Attach the piece of ply for the lid. Glue the hinges to the lid or use short screws (longer screws will poke through the ply). Fill the screw holes in the frame, and sand back when dry. Also check for sharp edges or any rough patches that might need a light sand. Step 5: Undercoat the storage box using Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat. Step 6: Apply two topcoats of Resene Lumbersider low sheen tinted to your chosen colour. We used Resene Poured Milk. You can also use Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss for a more wipeable finish. Attach the chain to the lid and inner side of the box to stop the lid from flipping back too far.  1 3 5 6 2 4 building Andy Fraser images Bryce Carleton store your outdoor cushions 73