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Rich warm colours to welcome the autumn months

From the Resene decorating blog

Tree leaves turning green to amber and the crackling of a golden-hued fireā€¦ autumn is rich with vibrant colours.

A moodboard featuring autumnal colours

What resonates about these hues of nature is how they offer a sense of protection, cocooning us and leaving us feeling nurtured.

As autumn approaches, it makes sense to tweak our homes, not so much to fit in with the latest paint colour trends, but to bring in the sense of cosiness and comfort.

These are the months when the cool temperature sets in and we spend more time indoors, so it's worth transforming your home into an autumnal haven.

Celebrating a change in the seasons that is all about regenerating ourselves and slowing down.

From peacock blues to browny reds, the spectrum of the autumnal palette to guide us into winter is rich. "Autumn is always a great source of colour inspiration as we explore brooding hues and new depths," says Rebecca Long, a colour expert at Resene. "Autumnal Resene hues keep us warm as we head into the cooler months and will transform your house into an inviting home."

This palette nods to nature and its role in the seasons in our daily lives. But this year, we're seeing a more playful element and a mixing of unexpected pairings; think warm beiges, brown-tinged pinks, golden yellows, earthy oranges and teal greens.

The key is to adopt hues that evoke the cosiness we associate with the cooler seasons without creating an interior too dreary or dull. To do this, look for colours with richness to them. "Celebrate the vibrancy of autumnal hues," Rebecca says. "Resene Florentine Pink offers a hint of early morning sun and is the perfect colour to inject energy into your entrance or living room. Explore the depths of Resene Plum in your bedroom and bring out its vibrant, violet undertone with warmed, ambient lighting."

A bedroom with warm Earthy pink and spicy mustard hues

Earthy pink and spicy mustard take a warming stance in this bedroom, meeting pale rose and chalky white to lighten up the palette. Side wall painted in Resene Spice, wall behind bed in Resene Quarter Akaroa, floor in Resene Akaroa, chair in Resene Wafer, chest of drawers in Resene Wafer, large vase on drawers in Resene Leather, tealight holder in Resene Spice and coatrack in Resene Leather. Flower print on wall from Simply Creative, euro pillowcase and stonewashed duvet from Adairs, knitted throw, textured square cushion and multi-coloured cushion from Freedom, pink linen look cushion from The Warehouse. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Bryce Carleton.

Another suitable pairing is Resene Florentine Pink with the subtle, off-white cream Resene Cararra, Rebecca says: "A warm contrast is key to allow Resene Dawn Glow to shine."

Rebecca suggests painting all of your bedroom walls, joinery and ceiling in Resene Plum for an indulgent, contemporary approach: "This simplistic, daring approach will create the ultimate cocooning feeling perfect for a deep sleep."

While we all know when we find a colour that speaks to us, some autumnal colours are particularly popular.

"The opulent Resene Hot Toddy is the perfect blend between whisky and gold, perfect for an evening lounge," Rebecca says. "Resene Turtle Green's deep, bronzed undertone brings vibrancy to feature front doors and the deep, blackened Resene Kilimanjaro makes a striking, entrance feature wall."

During these colder months, the rooms in our homes that offer relaxation, celebrating restorative activities such as sleeping and watching a movie with loved ones, should be paid extra attention.

Evoke the colours of the natural world in your furniture

Evoke the colours of the natural world in your decor

Evoke the colours of the natural world in your furniture, décor and walls Harmonise your space by echoing the wall colour into your smaller décor items and surround it by complementary hues. Cabinet painted in Resene Smoke Tree, large vase in Resene Chenin, candlestick holder in Resene Dingley, round concentric circle vase in Resene Midwinter Mist, pink vase in Resene Paper Doll, round ball object in Resene Smoke Tree low bowl in Resene Lemon Ginger, vase (with lemon) in Resene Green Leaf, striped upper wall in Resene Clover and Resene Rice Cake, lower wall in Resene Clover and dado rail in Resene Chenin. Upper wall stripes in Resene Rice Cake and Resene Clover (15cm wide), lower wall in Resene Clover (1.3m high), dado rail trim in Resene Chenin and cabinet in Resene Smoke Tree. Project Vanessa Nouwens, image by Wendy Fenwick.

"Resene Toffee channels the memories of a dusty road on a warm summer's day and brings comfort to a living room during the cooler months," Rebecca says. "It's the perfect blend of visual warmth and nostalgia warms both your mind and soul."

Explore paint effects using Resene FX Paint Effects Medium and layer light coats of Resene Beethoven over Resene Bone in a criss-cross motion to build a subtle, autumnal warmth.

While autumn colours are versatile to fit into any room, it's key to consider the atmosphere specific colours will create and what suits each space.

"Autumn hues are perfect for all areas of your home, depending on the look and feel you are after. Always question how you would like your room to feel and select colours to suit your needs. Resene Hot August can be used on all of your living room walls to bring energy to a social living room, whereas if you prefer to relax in your living room, you may prefer to introduce its fiery undertone onto just one wall to produce a comfortable, cosy warmth. Paying attention to proportions is always key to achieving your desired look."

A interior with stained wood and an Autumn colour palette

Stained wood allows for a wintery colour to take its place while the natural pattern of the wood adds interest. Orange, beige and white touches add to the autumnal colour palette.

Plywood wall stained in Resene Colorwood Charred Black with battens in Resene Lustacryl tinted to Resene All Black, floor stained in Resene Colorwood Natural, sideboard, coffee table and plant pots in Resene Snow Drift, pendant lamp, lantern and vase in Resene Black White, small bud vase (on coffee table) in Resene Quarter Drought and DIY artwork in Resene Okey Dokey (background) with strokes in Resene Half Blanc. Sofa and cushions from Nood, rug from Freedom, jute cushion cover and throw from Citta, circle vase from H&M Home, loafers from Zara. Project by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Wendy Fenwick.

A rich green and charcoal bedroom and ensuite

Sumptuous, rich greens meet charcoal in this bedroom and ensuite which ooze comfort and protection in the wall colours and bedlinen. Extending the colour onto the bookshelf and table add to this feeling of cosiness.

Bedroom wall painted in Resene Waiouru, ensuite wall in Resene Eighth Black White (top) Resene Waiouru (bottom), floor in Resene Black White, bedroom shelf in Resene Waiouru, door in Resene Nero, stool in Resene Double Merino, DIY artwork and picture frames in Resene Nero, vases and small accessories in Resene Burnt Crimson, Resene Nero, Resene Double Merino, Resene Eighth Black White and Resene Black White. Bedlinen from Kinship, sink, faucet, mirror and soap dispenser from Plumbline, bedside cabinet from Bed Bath & Beyond, loofa brush from Everyday Needs and towels from H&M Home. Project by Melle van Sambeek, image by Bryce Carleton.

Remember, although autumn colours call for you to slow down and restore, it doesn't mean you can't have fun with them. Pair vibrant brights with your earthy hues for a lively burst, Rebecca says: "For a citrus boost, pair Resene Southern Cross with Resene Billy T and create a halfway wall in your living room. Elevate your look by using Resene SpaceCote Flat for a velvety smooth finish."

If you have distinctive design features in your home's interior, this is a chance to bring in autumn colours, such as a curved archway that could otherwise be easily overlooked.

"For a more tonal look, layer Resene Planter with Resene Highball over two feature walls by using Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen. Not only is Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen durable, but it also has an aesthetically pleasing smooth, low sheen finish," she says. "Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen can be used throughout your home and will help your new colours look their best for longer."

Deciding on the right colour choices is important, but it's even more vital to do the practical groundwork to ensure your application is perfect.

"Preparation is key to achieving a flawless finish and, depending on the condition of your walls, can take longer to do than the painting itself. Allow yourself time to get the preparation right and select the right materials and tools to get the job done. Sandpaper is available in a variety of finishes to meet the requirements of your job; using the right primer/undercoat will ensure your finish lasts for longer and using the correct roller sleeve for the job will help you achieve a smooth finish."

Once your chosen palette has been pinned down, add the finishing touches so perfect for a cosy atmosphere. Add to these decor in organic shapes and curved lined lines and plenty of texture that feeds the senses. These will help create a soft, inviting setting that feels beautiful. Think sheepskin rugs, chunky woollen throws and soft velvet cushions to sink into.

Resene Dawn Glow

Resene Charred Black

March 30, 2023

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