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Mood boosting colours to inspire and invigorate

From the Resene decorating blog

With the past year having brought much instability and uncertainty, we open our arms widely to colours that makes us feel good.

A sugary pastel interior with a wall mural

Sugary pastels make a sweet statement on solid surfaces, horizontal stripes and an eye-catching curved mural, pairing perfectly with the natural tones of the chair and grasses. Walls and floor painted in Resene Half Spindle, Resene Frozen, Resene Spindle and Resene Black White, coffee tables painted in Resene Gelato and Resene Black White, bowl painted in Resene Frozen and artwork in Resene Gelato, Resene Vanilla Ice and Resene Black White. Chair from Freedom, cushions and vases from Country Road, journal from Kikki K. Project by Emily Somerville-Ryan, image by Bryce Carleton.

It is almost expected that most of the on-trend hues right now encourage joy and happiness.

Some paint colours instantly make you feel more cheerful. Their presence makes us happier while others, however, leave us feeling underwhelmed.

So bring a little joy to the world by choosing mood-boosting colours that allow you connect with your space in a positive way. This connection, after all, is the way you react to the colours around you.

Despite many feel-good hues being on-trend, they’re set to stand the test of time due to their elegance and appeal.

Warming, blush tones are popular, blending pink, beige and apricot, to offer colours that are so versatile in a home, creating calming and reassuring spaces – think Resene Half Gin Fizz, Resene Ebb or Resene Spring Wood.

Greens, always serene and peaceful, are what many of us are craving in our homes right now. They might be rich greens or muted types, such as Resene Pewter or Resene Kelp, either way they help us connect with the outdoors that offer so much natural inspiration.

Both blush and green make perfect partners, whether you paint your hallway in the blush and a bedroom in the green, or colour block a blush wall in a blush, fluid shape. Use Resene Sea Green and Resene Paper Doll together, or for a softer touch, Resene Destiny with Resene Soothe.

Fuchsia-type pinks empower us and provide a sense of hope, working beautifully with whites and taupes that bring them down to earth. Popular pinks of this kind are Resene Glamour Puss or Resene Vintage, always bringing a sense of hopefulness and joy. If it feels too feminine to some in the house, bring in accents in black and navy blue.

Deep blues hold their own in popularity, soothing and securing us in their regal tones, such as Resene Blue Night, Resene True Blue or Resene Indian Ink. Pair them with a gentle, pale yellow – use Resene Half Splash or Resene Dairy Cream – a warm white or a blush for an elegant combination.

Exotic, spicy caramels soothe and uplift, resonating with forest green or nutty reds. Resene Korma resonates well with Resene Candy Floss and Resene Olive Green.

For colours that create a happy home, mid-toned ones are ideal. They sit between dark, sumptuous colours and pale light ones.

The bedroom is where most people like to evoke a romantic, relaxed feeling. To do this, look to pastels and dusky tones, think lavender, mid-tone blues and greens and soulful blushes. All of these colours avoid overwhelming the space, and allow you to stop and unwind from the day that’s been, or wake happily to greet the day.

Mixing up pastels and bold brights for your dining room furniture

Mix up pastels and bold brights in your dining room furniture, be it on entire chairs and tables or just the tips of their legs. Happy, joyful hues such as these brighten up a white setting, as well as your day.

Wall painted in Resene Double Alabaster, table in Resene Frozen, chairs in Resene Bubble White with details in Resene Spring Fever, Resene Maestro and Resene Rapture, green chair in Resene Anise, bench in Resene Pattens Blue, pendant lamps in Resene Nero, jug vase in Resene Blue Chalk, tall vase in Resene Frozen, vase with hole in Resene Vibe, small plant pot in Resene Rapture, large plant pot in Resene Maestro and striped vase in Resene Double Alabaster with Resene Nero stripes. Project by Annick Larkin, image by Bryce Carleton.

Adding uplifting bursts of rainbow brights to a dining room

Uplifting bursts of rainbow brights lift this neutral dining setting, while the eye-catching powder blue brings in a gentle point of balance.

Back wall painted in Resene Triple Merino, left wall (with window) in Resene Anglaise, window architrave in Resene Triple Merino, timber floor finished in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, table in Resene Half Sea Fog and cabinet in Resene Spindle with painted shapes in Resene New York Pink, Resene Twine, Resene Smashing and Resene Half Resolution Blue. Chair from Cintesi, vase from Shut the Front Door, artwork from endemicworld, placemat from Country Road. Project by Kate Alexander, image by Bryce Carleton.

On top of these colours you can easily add cushions, curtains, furniture and lighting in brighter colours for a bit of energy. Split your walls horizontally into two colours, the upper one in a pale version, the lower in a mid-tone for a multidimensional effect, breaking up the wall.

In the lounge, you may frequently use this space as somewhere to entertain friends. In which case, turn it into what feels like a boutique hotel, with warm, chic tones such as fuchsia mixed with terracotta. For something more low-key – a lounge in which you like to escape from the world and read a book – think beige-blushes, caramels and warm clays. Ramp them up with chalky blue touches or moss green, or add to the serenity with coffee creams.

Stimulate creativity and productivity in the home office with bright primaries such as red which stimulates energy, blue which links at serenity and ever-cheerful, imaginative yellow.

The kitchen can be a fun destination, you can’t go wrong with yellow – try a punchy mustard in Resene Tulip Tree, a sunny yellow in Resene Sweet Corn or a pale lemon in Resene Moon Glow – just make sure it isn’t too harsh.

Calming and rejuvenating should sum up the bathroom. Think subtle blues, gentle green tones or beige-pink to create a spa-like sanctuary. Paint your ceiling a pale pink for a warming glow and rose tint overhead. There’s nothing like sitting back in the bath and looking up to that while candlelight brings it to life.

A summer inspired moodboard

Inject the summer sunshine into your home with a cheerful yellow paired with earthy apricot, fresh white with a rich black for punctuation. Background in Resene Quarter Ironsand with A4 drawdown paint swatches (from left to right) in Resene Double Foundry, Resene Quarter Bianca, Resene Dust Storm, Resene Galliano and Resene Sante Fe, vases in Resene Galliano (left) and Resene Dust Storm (right), pegs in Resene Sante Fe, Resene Double Foundry and Resene Galliano and hangers in Resene Dust Storm and Resene Double Foundry. Hat and sandals from H&M. Project by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Bryce Carleton.

Stacy Heyman of Studio Reno emphasises how colour can affect people’s temperaments, and for her, small elements of soft colours can resonate in an uplifting way. “Personally, I find pops of colours put me in an energetic mood. Not overly saturated colours usually as I find they can be a little overwhelming day-to-day. So colours like Resene Just Right or Resene El Paso are perfect as door colours or for panelling. Just a little here and there really makes an emphasis. Less is more.”

Stacy also recommends bringing in plenty of flowers and artwork for personality and a sense of homeliness. “At Studio Reno we always like to finish each renovation project by leaving complementary-coloured flowers in the kitchen or bathroom, it breathes life into the space (literally),” she says.

If you love wallpaper, bring in a Resene wallpaper with a green floral using summery yellow flowers for a touch of pure sunshine. Paint your trims and furniture yellow or green to draw out the palette. Finish the look with a vase of cut flowers and patterns lampshades in the same hues. It’ll give any room, north or south-facing, a lift.

There are, of course, finishing touches you can bring to your home to boost your mood too. Start with the scent in your air, use a diffuser that you adore the scent of, or candles that hold a beautiful perfume. Buy a bedspread that adds a layer of luxury and a bold colour to your bedding. Put photographs of joyful times into picture frames to remind you of friends and special times, and display your favourite ceramics that exude joyful hues for all to enjoy.

Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash

April 24, 2021

For more ideas from other homeowners of how to bring out the best in your home with colour, see the Resene decorating inspiration gallery and visit your local Resene ColorShop.

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