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Mural Masterpieces - Central Takaka School

Mural Masterpieces

Central Takaka School, Golden Bay.

Clair Fones, Grant Knowles, Liz Batten, Sally Oates, Amy Dee, Giesla Winter and students: Josue Edwards, Mukunda Gardiner-Knowles, Emma Hingaia, Rowan Jones, Hana Mason-Williams, Ethan McKay, Abby Nalder, Maia Schinkel, Solomon Somerfeld, Natalie Couper, Jack Hill, Hannah-Jane Holmwood, Katie Main, Agni Nadin-Crehan, Kainga Schinkel, Katherine Shaw, Vincent Sims, Rhiannon Ward, Jesse Wild, Aiden Auty, Shanelle Bayliss-Bowden, Erin Bickley, Dylan Bradley, Zebedee Festerer-Gawith, Jed Lowther, Leonard Mason, Ashley McCleely, Jessica Moleta, Erin Nalder, Cade Nicholls, Paris Paradopoulos, Paige Turnbull, Jasper Turner, Jamie Wilkinson, Dominic Williams, Corey Balck, Jyoti Balfour, Dallas Bradley, Baydon Main, Tom Shaw, Nathan Ward, Sean Webster, Calvin Wilkinson, Kasey Benge, Jesse Bradley, Ananda Gardiner-Knowles, Olivia Hone, Zoe Hunt, Stevie Lusty, Mani McIntyre-Neary, Timotey Muntwyler, Jodi Whiting, Tomai Yeoman, Alexander Fersterer-Gawith, Salve Moleta, Shannon Nicholls, Floris Pontier, Jarrah Solly, Reece Webster, Kane Winter.

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Mural theme:
Golden Bay bush, beach and sea.

Background to mural creation:
Children submitted their pictures with a seascape theme and their ideas and a selection of these were incorporated into the design of the mural.  The mural was designed to give the children a chance to actively influence their emotional and creative experience of that space.  The pool, right next to the mural, is a dynamic part of the school and the tremendous fun that the children experience here is now reflected and heightened by the colourful backdrop of the mural, which was once just a black white wall.  The mural inspired all people involved with the confidence to take on big creative projects and succeed.  All team members participated in the painting of the mural.


Mural Masterpieces

Mural Masterpieces

Mural Masterpieces

Mural Masterpieces


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