Tricks with colour and curtains for small homes

Do you live in a small home that seems dull or cramped at the best of times?

While many homeowners dream of having more space in their property, smaller homes aren't all that bad. For one thing, your power bill is likely to be a lot cheaper!

There are some relatively easy fixes that will make the space of a small home seem brighter and more welcoming. By playing around with your paint colours and adding certain styles of curtains, you can turn a small space into a truly fabulous area for relaxing with the family.

Stretch it out

In order to make a room appear bigger, a common trick is to hang long, rather than short curtains by your window frames. 

However, while this might be a commonly-employed trick, it's certainly no less useful because of it. In fact, taking inspiration from what others are doing is less about being a copycat and more about being smart with your home decorating. 

Long curtains make rooms seem bigger, but you need to be careful where you hang them.

Rather than simply placing these curtains at the top of the window frame, it's a better option to install a curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. 

Hang long drapes in fresh, light fabrics such as Resene Harmony Voile in Pumice or opt for curtains with vertical stripes to drive home the impression of spaciousness. 

If you want to adopt bold, dark patterns in your home but are concerned that this could overpower a smaller space, use curtains as your canvas, rather than wallpaper or paint. This way, you can still incorporate sultry designs into your home, without overpowering all the walls in a small room.

Bright 'n' bold

White paint such as Resene White Pointer can open up a space, but it's important not to go white, white, white. 

After all, there's no point in making a small space seem larger if the final result is a living room, bedroom or kitchen that completely lacks personality. 

This is where bold touches come in and can really make an area pop, without seeming dull. Pick a cool white base for the walls and make sure your flooring choice is a light hue, but a slightly different shade to the walls to create subtle contrast. 

Next, you'll need to pick a colour theme. Whether it's sunshine yellow, fire engine red or emerald green, the options are endless and there's a colour to suit all personalities.

Choose signature items that embrace these colour themes, from coffee tables to mohair throws. You might even select curtains that have splashes of the bold hue of your liking. 

By pairing crisp white with bold shades, you'll bring life to a small room, while keeping it light and airy.

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