The benefits of curtains over blinds

If you're about to start doing renovations in your home or in a residential facility, you may be tossing up whether to use blinds or curtains in the bedrooms and living areas. While both can look great, curtains do have some distinct advantages over blinds.

Curtains are better for allergy sufferers

If you're renovating spaces where people's health may be an issue, such as in hospitals or aged care facilities, curtains may be a better choice than blinds. Blinds tend to collect dust quickly as it can settle in and around grooves. This is bad news for asthma sufferers and those with respiratory diseases.

Curtains, on the other hand, can be made from light airy materials that don't attract dust mites as readily as blinds do.

Curtains can be more aesthetically pleasing

Available in a broad range of colours, fabrics and textures, curtains can be made to suit every palette. You can make a real impact with bold prints and bright colours, and lush fabrics can make any room look more luxurious.

If you're trying to make a space feel inviting and cosy, curtains may have the advantage over blinds. The latter is available in fewer materials and colours, and often doesn't have the same relaxing effect as curtains.

Curtains can also be made to match soft furnishings such as cushions, which can bring cohesion to a room.

Curtains can block out more light

If you're looking to cover windows in a bedroom, curtains with blockout lining may be the best option to give people a better night's sleep. Make sure they run full length to the floor and amply cover the window on either side

These types of curtains block out sunlight and have the added bonus of providing extra insulation to a room, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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