Paintable wallpapers for the best of both worlds

Interior design is an exciting part of owning a home, as you can essentially do just about anything you want (whether that's a good idea or not may be a different matter!).

As soon as you start seeing all of the options available to you in terms of colour, texture and shape, it's up to you to take it as far as you like and make your own unique haven with paints, wallpapers and curtains.

One of the up-and-coming trends combines the best of both paint and wallpaper, allowing you the fun of textured or patterned walls in any colour you can imagine.

This is all possible with Resene's paintable wallpapers. As the name suggests, first you apply the wallpaper to your living areas, then paint over the design with a colour of your choice.

You can go for a subtle look and pick a basic design, such as this simple stripe, and paint it with any colour from the thousands available in the Resene Colour Library.

Alternatively, you can go for a colour that matches the patterns in some way. For example, pasting this clover design paintable wallpaper to your wall and finishing the job with a couple of coats of a green hue will make for a natural-looking design scheme.

Another option is to simply paint over the wallpaper in a stark white. This will allow you to still see the patterning just as well, while highlighting the decoration rather than the colour.

Or, go crazy and use more than one colour or a cool paint effect such as ragging or colourwashing. With so many wallpaper and paint options, the possibilities are simply endless.

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