Boo! Do you dare to see 5 paint colours inspired by Halloween?

All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner, on October 31st! The origins of this occasion date back 2,000 years, created by the Celts. These people lived in the area that is present-day Ireland, northern France and the United Kingdom. Their new year was November 1, and the night before, they believed the lines between the world of the living and deceased were blurred. 

Ever since, Halloween has been a time to revel in the mysteries of the afterlife, but in the modern world this is a much more fun activity thanks to chocolate. And candy. Lots of it! 

Celebrate by not only tricking or treating, but also jazzing up your home with these five Halloween inspired paint colours.

  1. Resene Clockwork Orange: Pumpkin-orange toned 
  2. Resene Daredevil: Blood-red and bold 
  3. Resene Quarter Gargoyle: Grey like the stones sculptures of these beasts
  4. Resene Blackjack: An ultra-deep black, full of mystique and darkness 
  5. Resene Wireless: The dark hue of gravestones and shadows 
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