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Boot scrub

DIY project from NZ Gardener magazine

Make this simple but useful door-stopper with Jacob Leaf’s step-by-step guide.

How to make a boot scrub

You will need


  • 2 x wooden scrubbing brushes
  • 1 small piece of reinforcing mesh
  • 1 x 6L plastic container as a mould
  • Petroleum jelly
  • 5-8kg of easy mix concrete
  • Water

Paint colours:


  • Hammer
  • Bench vice
  • Bucket
  • Mixing trowel
  • Rubbish bag
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paintbrush

Cost: $20 excluding Resene products.


Learn how to make a boot scrub door-stopper:

Step 1:  With a hammer and vice, shape a small piece of reinforcing mesh into a raised stand that will sit inside the plastic mould and hold the wooden brushes just above the level of the concrete pour.

Step 2:  Apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the plastic container to help release the hard concrete.

Step 1 Step 1

Step 1a Step 1a

Step 2 Step 2

Step 3:  Thoroughly mix the concrete (following the instructions on the bag), then carefully pour into the plastic mould, filling up to just below the level of the brush. Be careful not to spill any on the bristles. Cover the concrete in a plastic bag and set it in the shade to cure. This will help prevent it drying too quickly and cracking.

Step 4:  After a few days, when the concrete has cured, carefully remove it from the mould. Now, you can finally mask, prime and paint.

Step 3 Step 3

Step 3a Step 3a

Step 4 Step 4

Project by: Jacob Leaf

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