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Foldable climbing frame

From NZ Gardener magazine

Jacob Leaf constructs a colourful climbing frame for upwardly mobile crops.

Build a colourful plant frame for your garden

You will need:

Cost: $73 excluding paint.

How to build a foldable climbing frame

Step 1
Step one
Step 2
Step two
Step 3
Step three
Step 4
Step four

Step one:  To make the frame, use a saw to cut four pieces of the trellis beading to 1500mm and two pieces to 1400mm. For the rungs, cut 18 pieces to 400mm. Lightly sand any rough edges using a sander or sandpaper. Paint the 18 rung pieces with primer. Once dry, paint with your test pot colours of choice.

Step two:   To make one half of the ladder, lay out two of the 1500mm frame pieces, with a shorter 1400mm length in the middle. Lie the bottom rung across the frame so that it lines up with the base of the shorter middle frame piece. Drill pilot holes and screw to the frame using a screwdriver. Attach the top rung to the other end of the frame but instead of lying it across the frame, arrange it so that it is flush with the top of the frame. Drill pilot holes and screw in place.

Step three:  Arrange the rest of the rungs using two 150mm offcuts of trellis beading as spacers so you can quickly space the rungs at even intervals. Drill pilot holes and screw in place using a screwdriver. Repeat this process for the other side of the ladder.

Step four:  Lie the two halves of the climbing frame together. To attach the hinges, lightly tap in the screws with a hammer, then screw the hinges to the top of the frame with a screwdriver.


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