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DIY Rope Ottoman

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes upcycles an old tyre into this super stylish outdoor footrest.

You will need: 1 old tyre, 9mm sisal rope (amount required will vary with tyre size – I needed 5 x 15m packs), 6mm ply for top and base, optional feet: 20mm timber or similar cut into 4 squares, 65mm x 65mm pieces, suitable glue and small brush, a few fine gauge nails (to help hold the rope in place while the glue dries), Jigsaw, screwdriver & 8g x 50mm screws, sandpaper, tape measure and pencil, stain and paintbrush (I used Resene Woodsman Wood).

Cost: $95 excluding tyre and paint.

Step 1 Step one
Find a suitable (free) old tyre. I got mine from a local tyre shop. One with flat-ish sides is great, but not critical. Clean thoroughly and allow to dry.
Step 2Step two
Work out the size of the ply top required. It should fit so that the rope work remains flush over the top edge of the tyre. Mark the circle onto the plywood and cut out. Sand well. For the base and feet, cut a second larger ply circle. Cut the feet.
Step 3Step three
Paint the wooden pieces. I used Resene Waterbourne Woodsman stain in Skywater. Allow to dry. Attach the top circle with screws through the ply and into the tyre. Mark the centre of the circle. Glue and screw the feet to the base and attach this to the underside of the tyre.
Step 4Step four
Following the instructions carefully, apply glue as directed, and, starting in the centre, form a tight circle around the end of the rope and work outwards keeping the rope tidy and firm against the previous row. Work in stages. Clamp and use nails, if required, to hold the rope in place and allow to dry before continuing.
Step 5Step five
Turn the tyre upside down to assist in completing the base. Work the rope in tightly against the edge of the base board. Trim the rope on an angle and ensure it is glued into place. Allow to dry.
Step 6Step six
Once glue is completely dry, paint with your chosen colour of stain, working it into the sisal with the brush. Allow to dry.

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