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Jenga planters

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes takes a playful approach to displaying potted plants.

You will need:

Cost: $15 excluding paint.

Step 1 Step one
Cut the pine to the required lengths. Small planter: 23 x130mm. Hanging Planter: 33 x180mm. Drill small holes 5mm in from each end on all but seven of the lengths for the hanging planter.
Step 2 Step two
Form the base by laying the two pieces with drilled ends with the long edge of one against a guide and the other 180mm away. Evenly space seven of the undrilled lengths between them. Add a spot of glue to each and lay a length across each end. Clamp and let dry. For the smaller planter there will be no drill holes and only seven lengths to form the base.
Step 3 Step three
Turn the base over so the two ends are to the top. For the hanging planter cut cord into four suitable lengths. Tie a knot in one end and thread each through corner. Continue stacking the pieces and threading the string through the holes. Tie a knot close to the top to hold the edges tight. For the table planter continue the layering with a spot of glue at each join. Allow to dry and sand well.
Step 4 Step four
I had enough paint (I used Resene Woodsman Wood Oil Stain Shadow Match) left to dip the smaller planters as a way of adding interest. Pour the paint into a suitable bowl, mask the planters and dip evenly up to the masking tape. Allow to dry, remove the masking tape and sand back any marks.

Jenga planter
Finished planters

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