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Tiered strawberry planter

Planting strawberries in winter means they have plenty of time to establish a well-formed root system – plus, you will have strawberries hanging over the sides of your planter come summer.

How to make a tiered strawberry planter

As seen in kiwigardener

You will need

Cutting list:

  • 150mm x 40mm timber (we used NZ Oregon) cut to the following lengths:

    Box one:

    • 400mm (x2)
    • 1320mm (x2)

    Box two:

    • 990mm (x2)
    • 910mm (x2)

    Box three:

    • 700mm (x2)
    • 620mm (x2

    Box four:

    • 496mm (x2)
    • 416mm (x2)


  • 30mm and 75mm external screws
  • Bird netting
  • Cable ties
  • Pea straw
  • Poly irrigation pipe 19mm x 3m (x2)
  • Resene Woodsman penetrating oil stain, tinted to your choice of colour (we used Resene Crowshead
  • Strawberry planting mix and potting mix
  • Strawberry plants (approx. 24)
  • Weed mat


  • Drill
  • Gloves
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Shovel
  • Tape measure

Painting tip:  If you’re choosing a dark colour finish, consider using a Resene CoolColour to help reflect more heat on hot summer days.

Top tip:  Try to use an untreated hardwood (such as macrocarpa or Oregon) for your project to avoid the chemicals in treated wood that could leach into the soil over time. If H3 or H4 treated pine is all you have then consider lining the sides of your planter with sheets of plastic.

Here's another idea:  Add a plywood base to stand this planter on a deck or patio – just remember to drill drainage holes.


How to build a tiered strawberry planter:

Step 1 Step one
Sand down any rough edges on your timber.

Step 2 Step two
Join the four boards of box one together. Sandwich the two shorter boards inside the longer ones and screw together with 75mm screws, using two screws per corner. An extra pair of hands will make this step easier.

Step 3 Step three
Repeat Step Two to create the next three boxes.

Step 4 Step four
Stain each box with two coats of Resene Waterborne Woodsman penetrating oil stain in your choice of colour, allowing each coat to dry.

Step 5 Step five
Place box one (the largest box) into position and cover the base with weed mat.

Step 6 Step six
Beginning with box one, measure and mark the halfway point on each side of the box. Place box two diagonally on top of the first, matching each corner with the marks. Screw the two boxes together by screwing down from the inside corner of the top box.

Step 7 Step seven
Step seven Repeat Step Six with boxes three and four to create all four tiers.

Step 8 Step eight
Working from the bottom, fill each tier with a combination of strawberry planting mix and potting mix, saving the strawberry mix for the planting triangles.

Step 9 Step nine
Place one end of the poly irrigation pipe in one of the corners of box one and then push the other end of the pipe into the diagonally opposite corner. Do the same with the second length of pipe between the other two corners.

Step 10 Step ten
Cable tie the two pipes together where they cross over.

Step 11 Step eleven
The bottom edge of each side of the planter. This will be where your netting hooks onto, so leave about 1cm of each screw sticking out.

Step 12 Step twelve
Plant strawberries in each of the triangular spaces created in your planter, as well as in the top tier.

Step 13 Step thirteen
Spread pea straw on each tier and water the plants well.

Finished project - step 14 Step fourteen
Drape the bird netting over your planter. Secure the netting at the base by hooking it onto the screws along the bottom of each side. (You can save this step for when your strawberry plants start fruiting.)

Words and photos by Klaudia Krupa

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