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Spa pool towel stand

Keep towels off the ground while adding a splash of colour to your garden with hanging-basket flowers.

How to build a spa pool towel stand

Top tip:  Flowers in hanging baskets will need to be watered more frequently than those in pots. Here's another idea:  This towel stand would also be handy next to a pool during the summer months.

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You will need




How to build a spa pool towel stand:

Step 1 Step one
Place all five lengths of timber into position, as shown, with the 2100mm length.

Step 2 Step two
Using an impact driver, screw the base together using two screws for each of the four base lengths: one screw to attach it to the vertical post and one to attach it to the adjacent support (as shown). Make sure the screws are not directly opposite each other to avoid them crossing over and touching in the middle. You may find a clamp useful to help hold it together.

Step 3 Step three
Using a bugle screw from above (or glue if you prefer), attach the post cap to the top of the stand.

Step 4 Step four
Stain the stand with Resene Waterborne Woodsman penetrating oil stain and allow to dry. Look out for any drips on the vertical sides.

Step 5 Step five
Apply a second coat of the Resene stain and allow to dry.

Step 6 Step six
Mark out the position of the screw holes for all four hooks, with one hook on each side of the post. If kids will be hanging their towels, a couple of lower hooks could be handy; likewise, a couple of higher hooks could be useful for longer robes. A tape measure may be helpful here to ensure the hooks are centrally positioned and vertically level.

Step 7Step seven
Drill pilot holes for the hooks at each of the marked points.

Step 8Step eight
Using 35mm screws, screw each hook into place

Step 9 Step nine
Make a mark 4cm down from the base of the cap, on two opposite sides of the post. Align the top of the hanging basket bracket with the mark and screw each bracket into position, drilling pilot holes first. You may find a clamp useful to hold the brackets in position.

Step 10 Step ten
Half fill both flower baskets with potting mix.

Step 11 Step eleven
Plant your flowers and top up with potting mix if needed.

Step 12 Step twelve
After planting, water both baskets well.

Step 9 Step thirteen
Move the stand into position and hang both baskets on the brackets.

Step 10Details
A close up of the hanger and flower baset.

Words & Photos Klaudia Krupa

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