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Retro planter

From NZ Gardener magazine

Rose Hughes makes pretty planters for showcasing your favourite blooms

You will need: Offcuts of 18mm and 6mm ply or similar, pencil, ruler, jig saw, handsaw, drill and large drill bit, chisel, hammer, sandpaper, primer, paint in your choice of colours, PVA glue, cup hooks, chain, Resene Quick Dry Primer, and paint Resene Vanilla Ice, Escape and Aluminium.

Cost: $ 15.00 (excluding ply, plants and paint)

Step 1 Step one
The diamond: The diamond measures 405mm high x 270mm wide. Mark the shape onto the 18mm ply and mark a line 2.5cm inside the first.
Step 2 Step two
Drill a large starter hole on the inside of the diamond. Using the jigsaw cut out the inside carefully. Repeat with the outside edge.
Step 3 Step three
Cut out the shelf from the 6mm ply, (195mm x 195mm). Measure your pot, Mark and cut out a circle in the centre corresponding to the diameter of the pot, starting with a large drill hole. Cut an 18mm wide x 20mm deep indent in two opposite sides. Using the chisel cut a 45-degree angle to the underside of the indent (see photo).
Step 4 Step four
The teardrop: The teardrop uses 18mm ply and measures 245mm at the widest point and is 320mm high. The shelf is a circle measuring 125mm.
Step 5 Step five
Mark, drill and cut out the shape as per the diamond. Cut out the circle. Mark the centre and cut a channel that is 18mm wide and 10mm deep using a small handsaw (see photo). Use the chisel to remove the channel.
Step 6 Step six
Sand pieces well. Undercoat with primer (I used Resene Quick Dry Primer). Top coat with your chosen colours (I used Resene Vanilla Ice, Escape and Aluminium) and allow to dry. Glue the circle in place for the teardrop hanger and fit the square stands to the diamond style. Attach a cup hook to the top and add a suitable length of chain.

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