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Resene Forester colour range

Resene Forester is a semi-transparent film forming timber stain effect finish based on a tough 100% acrylic resin to ensure maximum durability in all exposed conditions. Imparts a natural low sheen look that is fully washable. Resene Forester is not suitable for direct application over timber and other bare substrates. It is designed for use over a specific basecoat colour on properly prepared substrates and particularly those with a wood grain effect.

View our Resene Forester colour range...

Forester Banjul on pine
Forester Banjul
Forester Bark on pine
Forester Bark
Forester Bleached Cedar on pine
Forester Bleached Cedar
Forester Bushtrack on pine
Forester Bushtrack
Forester Canopy on pine
Forester Canopy
Forester Cedar on pine
Forester Cedar
Forester Cherrywood
Forester Cherrywood
Forester Crowshead on pine
Forester Crowshead
Forester Dark Oak on pine
Forester Dark Oak
Forester Driftwood
Forester Driftwood
Forester Earthsong
Forester Earthsong
Forester English Walnut on pine
Forester English Walnut
Forester Evergreen
Forester Evergreen
Forester Heartwood on pine
Forester Heartwood
Forester Iroko on pine
Forester Iroko
Forester Jarrah Tree on pine
Forester Jarrah Tree
Forester Limed Ash on pine
Forester Limed Ash
Forester Limed Oak
Forester Limed Oak
Forester Natural
Forester Natural
Forester Nutmeg
Forester Nutmeg
Resene Pickled Bean on pine
Forester Pickled Bean
Forester Pitch Black on pine
Forester Pitch Black
Resene Rangitoto on pine
Forester Rangitoto
Forester Shadow Match on pine
Forester Shadow Match
Forester Sheer Black on pine
Forester Sheer Black
Forester Smokey Ash on pine
Forester Smokey Ash
Resene Tamarind
Forester Tamarind
Forester Timberland on pine
Forester Timberland
Forester Touch Wood on pine
Forester Touch Wood
Forester Treehouse on pine
Forester Treehouse
Resene Uluru on pine
Forester Uluru

Resene Forester in Resene Natural rejuvenates the colour of this home's rusticated fibre cement board.

Rusticated fibre cement board - before rejuvenation

Rusticated fibre cement board - after restoration with Resene Forester

Resene Forester in Resene Natural - closeup of boards, pic 1

Resene Forester in Resene Natural - closeup of boards, pic 2

Resene Forester in Resene Natural - closeup of boards, pic 3

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