b'bright ideasUse your stencilto trace shapeson to paintable wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, available atyour local Resene ColorShop. Paint them with Resene testpots, cut them out and tack them up to take your wall mural from two to three dimensions.Fair is fair Above: Left back wall in Resene Pewter, right back wall in Resene Otterwith dinosaur mural in Resene Gecko, butterflies in Resene Serene, Resene When you find yourself in close quarters, even when dividing its with people you love, sharing a space like an office,Half Washed Green, Resene Paris White and Resene Double Sea Fog, floorin Resene Double Sea Fog, door in Resene Middle Earth, table in Resenebedroom or playroom is not without its challenges. IfSante Fe, stools in Resene Half Washed Green and Resene Middle Earth,space is particularly tight, you could even find yourselfbowl in Resene Otter and toy dinosaurs in (from left to right) Resene having to share a desk space with a partner, sibling orPermanent Green, Resene Pale Leaf, Resene Half Washed Green androom-mate. To keep your study buddys stuff fromResene Alabaster. Drawers from Mr and Mrs Ward in Resene Rivergum,spilling over to your side, you may need to literallyrug from Slow Store, table and stools from Mocka, art by Ruth McGill, lines draw the line to stake out your territory. Use yourdinosaur from Republic Home.favourite Resene hues to decorate your area. RelyingOpposite: Left wall in Resene Raptor, right wall in Resene Leather with triangle on design principles like symmetry and repetition ofin Resene Rolling Stone, pegboard triangle in Resene Emerge, floor in Resene shapes or motifs will help keep things cohesive whileNeutral Bay with circle in Resene Blast Grey metallic paint (left) and Resene still allowing each of you to express yourself.Castle Rock with circle in Resene Half Washed Green (right), table in Resene Sharing space can be hardAlabaster (left) and Resene Jaguar (right), stool tops in Resene Rolling Stone (left) and Resene Emerge (right), shelves in Resene Jaguar (left) and Resene for many of us, but theseShared interests Alabaster (right), magazine file in Resene Rolling Stone, organiser in Resene One child is crazy for dinosaurs, the other is obsessedArmadillo, ball ornament and vase in Resene Alabaster and books in Resene clever paint ideas will makewith butterflies. When decorating a kids bedroom orNocturnal (top) and Resene Paris White (bottom). Stools from Kmart.it easier to keep the peace. play space, there is no need to play favourites if youResene Resene Reseneuse a cohesive colour palette to tie together two orAlabaster Paris White Pale Leafmoreseeminglyconflictingideas.Shadesofdusty pink and silvery sage blend beautifully on walls. UseResene Resene ReseneDouble Sea Fog Emerge Raptorfun stencils so you can make sure both kids interestsResene Resene Reseneare enjoyed in a shared space. Serene Pewter Blast GreyResene Resene ReseneOtter Rolling Stone RivergumResene Resene Resene Resene ReseneResene Resene Permanent Green Half Washed Green Leather Armadillo GeckoNeutral Bay Castle Rock Resene Resene Resene ReseneJaguar Middle Earth Sante Fe Nocturnal66 67'