b'kitchensReseneClockwork OrangeResenePizzaLeft: Instead of your typical white kitchen, walls in soft sage Resene Smoky Green and uppers in iconic Resene Clockwork Orange mix with warm woods and cork flooring, making Rachel and Shanes kitchen a cooking up beautiful backyard plum tree and the cul-de-sac it sits in,standout. Resene Ecru White has which is surrounded by lovely neighbours and lots of kidsbeen used as an accent colour on for their two young children, Levi and Hazel, to play with.character As it often happens with spaces that have beenthe trims and ceiling to reflect thoughtfullydecorated,thecolourchoicesinthethe bench and reconfigured kitchen look effortlessbut Amy assuresstool tops.us that was far from her reality.I bought what felt like about 50 testpots, laughs A dose of colour could be all you need Amy. I struggled to find a starting point because I feltResenelike I couldnt choose the paint before I chose theCabaretto take your kitchen design up a notch. bench tops, which I couldnt pick before Id chosen the tiles, which I couldnt choose before Id confirmedReseneAbove left and right:G enerallyspeaking,mostpeopledonttreatthe colour for the panelling, which I couldnt chooseSaratogatheir kitchen as a trend-focused space in thebefore the upholstery and curtains and so on. I was Thanks to pops ofway they do a bedroom or living room. And itgoingaroundincirclesthinkingthatIdjustdo bold Resene brightsmakessense;kitchensarebiggerinvestmentsandeverything white. But then I found the most beautiful that tie into amanypartsarentaseasytoupdateaspaintandfabric which I used to recover two armchairs that mySage and citrus shine uppers, painted in Resene Clockwork Orange, bringsResene favourite fabric furnishings. The trouble is, when kitchens are designedparents bought when they got married nearly 50 yearsSilvery sage green and bitter orange, which featurethe space to life and ties in with Rachel and ShanesAlabasterwhich was used toto be completely devoid of personality so as not toago and that became my red thread for the design. prominentlyinRachelandShanesstellarkitchenbold front door while soothing Resene Smoky GreenResenereupholster heirloomSea Fogarmchairs seen in theoffend prospective buyersregardless of whether orThe fabric works a treat to unify the Resene Seaspace, have been on the uptrend as popular colours toon the walls works as the perfect counterpoint. A adjacent living area,not you actually have plans to sell your home withinFog cabinets, Resene Rock Spray drawers, outwarddecoratewith,butitwasactuallythecouplesceiling and trims in Resene Ecru White is the idealReseneEcru WhiteAmy and Markstheforeseeablefuturetheyrenotverywarmorfacing Resene Saratoga tongue-and-groove panellingpenchant for all things mid-mod that led them tocolour to complement it thanks to its slightly green kitchen is brimmingReseneinviting places to spend time in. andReseneCabaretdiningtablesurroundedbyselect their kitchens stunning colour scheme. undertone and plays off the white bench and stoolSmoky Greenwith character whileThephantomeffectofdesigningyourhomeResene Alabaster walls, trims and ceiling. Amy hasWe love all things mid-century and wanted ourtops to create a cohesive look.still looking fresh andaround saleability is that you end up being the onealso used it to inspire other colours shes chosen incolour choices to be unique, bold and unconventional,If you share their love for mid-mod style, Rachel modern. Walls, trimsChoose Resene and ceiling in Resenewho misses out on enjoying the spaces you actuallyadjacent areas of the home, including a hallway andexplains Rachel. As the main living areas are essentiallyrecommendsreallydoingyourresearchbeforeAquaLAQ to Alabaster, kitchenlive in. We look at two enviable kitchens brimmingfireplace surround in sunny Resene Pizza.all open plan, we needed a colour palette that wouldembarking on your own design. The term mid- add colour to your cabinets in Resene Seawith style and personalitywith gorgeous ReseneWhile the colour palette is undeniably reflective of thework for the entire space.The Karen Walker Paintscenturyspansdecadesofdesign,sofindingthekitchen joinery. The Fog, kitchen drawerscolours baked right in. new upholstery, it also mirrors Amys shining personality. colour range provided just the right colours. Inspired byversion of it that suits youboth practically andrange is especially in Resene Rock Spray,Its just me! Ive always loved bright colours and Ithe Bauhaus School of the 1920s, it combines coloursaestheticallyis key. Pick a colour scheme that worksdesigned for dining table in ReseneFresh, fun and fabric-inspired thinkwhatwevechosenreflectsourfamilyreallyfrom an emotional point of view rather than a technicalfor your lifestyle and reflects your personality. Andcabinetry, furniture Cabaret and tongue- and joinery and and-groove panellingA few playful pops of colour are what punctuate Amynicely and gives our house character. The colours justone, and we grouped them in a way that tells a storywhen it comes to furniture, look out for key vintageincludes a in Resene Saratoga. and Marks eclectic contemporary kitchen and take it farreally make us happy, she says of the results. rather than simply matching them tonally. Its perfectpieces and invest in those. waterborne sealer, beyond your typical white kitchen in terms of style andForthosestrugglingwiththeirowncolourfor our little retro home, and we felt confident in theAnd dont be afraid to go all out once you settlecolour coat and flair. The redesign of this character-filled space was partselections,Amyrecommendstakingyourtimetoknowledge that everything would work together! on a style or colour scheme you love. One of ourEnvironmental of a recent tip-to-toe renovation of their classic 1960smake decisions. Our renovation took four monthsThehoursthatthecouplespentdoingtheirfavourite moments was during a meeting with theChoice approved weatherboardhome.Afterlookingaroundatotherand I probably looked at colour samples every dayhomework trawling through library books, Pinterest,kitchenteamwhentheytoldusourdesignwasclear coat.houses for the better part of two years, the couple choseuntil it was time to make my final choices. Definitelytelevision shows and era-appropriate films is evident incompletely impractical but exactly as it would haveimagesto stay put because everything else just seemed to paletake home plenty of testpots and samples so that youthe kitchens design details, as is their commitment tobeen done back in the day. That was when we knewAmy Arnold,Resene in comparison. They adored their property with its big,can look at things in different lighting. their original vision. The pop of orange on the cabinetwed gotten our house right. Rock Spray Rachel Sawyer50 51'