b'outdoor featureResene crates, old fashioned suitcases or even a section offeatures a crisscross, diamond-shaped pattern, latticeRight: Have a beach or lake nearby thatReseneSmokescreen tree trunk. And, there isnt much furniture out thereisoneofthemostusefulmaterialsthatcanbeyou and your guests like to frequent?Sea FogResene that you cant add castors to, which can be especiallyleveraged to carve out distinct zones and create visualBuilding an outdoor shower is a great idea Kashmir Blue helpfulformanoeuvringinandaroundinformalinterestwithinagreateroutdoorarea.Plus,itsfor keeping sand outside when guests need Resene seating arrangements. Just make sure the ones youaffordable and lightweight so its great both for moreto rinse off. Wall in Resene Green Meets Blue, Indian Ink choose are up to the task of rolling over your deck orpermanent and temporary uses. You can buy it indeck in Resene Woodsman Uluru, striped shower Resene back in Resene Nepal and Resene Sea Fog, timber Settlementpatio surface, holding the weight of whatever they areframed or unframed sheets and turn it into a wholeshower platform and shelf stained in Resene carryingandhaveoptionalbrakessothattheyrerange of fun and practical DIY projects. Woodsman Pitch Black, breeze block planter in Resene stable when you need them to stay put. Attach two or more framed lattices together usingResene Sea Fog and Resene Green Meets Blue, hook Alabaster rack and soap dispenser in Resene Nepal and mirror Resene hinges and paint in coordinating Resene paint coloursin Resene Breeze. Showerhead from Plumbline, Woodsman Tiri Screen time to create a folding screen divider that can separate Ifyoudontalreadyhavealatticeortwoinyourspaces within a larger outdoor space. Itll add to thechair from Cintesi.backyard, then its high time to purchase some. Ansense of intimacy for your guests, create privacy andOpposite: Whether inside or out, having the right openframeworkmadefromwoodormetalthatyoull be certain that its colour will complement yourlighting is essential for setting the mood. Try home,deckandtherestofyourhomescolourhanging a pendant lamp if you have a covered scheme. A few strands of sparkling string lights go aspace, adding sconces to walls or strings of LED longwayindressingupanoutdoordiningarea,lanterns to trees or bushes. Items with wheels or especially when theyre strewn from your new latticecastors, such as carts or movable tables, will makeit easy to adjust your layout to better suit your divider. If youre clever, you can also use framed latticegathering. Wall in Resene Triple Merino, deck in to create an affordable pergolaand what betterResene Woodsman Tiri, screen in Resene Kashmir ambience than enjoying company and conversationBlue, trolley and tray in Resene Indian Ink, planter under a canopy of greenery and twinkling lights? boxes in Resene Smokescreen with hand-painted patterns in Resene Indian Ink, breeze block bench Aesthetic agility seat in Resene Triple Merino, ottoman in Resene Once youve nailed the all-important aspects of zoningSettlement, large plant pot in Resene Alabaster and small plant pot (on trolley) in Resene Kashmir Blue.and layout, its time to dig into the details. Design principles that are often used to make your interior lookResene Resenegreat should be put to work outside, too. Think of waysBreeze Nepalto create repetition through colours or textures.Resene WoodsmanResene Woodsman The types of gatherings that you will be hostingUluru Pitch Blackshould definitely affect the type of dcor you invest in. After all, a birthday party for kids and a cocktail party for grown-ups demand quite different dcor. While someMatch online (www.resene.com/colourmatchonline) or of that might be more ephemeral decorations, its worthvisit your local Resene ColorShop to find the closest thinking higher ticket dcor items, too. A particularlycolour or an ideal accent hue to go with your cushions, pricey throw cushion might be safe around adults butthen paint up some plant pots and other small decorative you may need different options to put out for situationsaccents for a cohesive colour palette thatll be sure to that are more prone to spills or sticky hands. win compliments from your guests.Ifyourfurniturefeaturesanelementofsoftfurnishingdefinitely recommended if youre lookingSqueaky cleanto amp up the comfort factor outdoorsyou may notHitting the beach or having a pool party? Building an realise how much of an impact that the colour of youroutdoor shower will allow you and your guests to Resene sofa and armchair cushions can make on how invitingrinse off without having to set foot insidewhich will Green Meets Blue your outdoor living space looks. Make your sofa thehelp keep sand outside where it belongs. When youre Three ways with breeze blocks focal point by playing up the colour of your squabsnot entertaining, youll likely find an outdoor shower Strong and flexible, these landscaping staples can be used for muchthrough dcor and accessories painted to match andequallyusefulforrinsingmuddydogsandgrubbyDesign wise, there are plenty of creative ideas outIf your timber more than garden beds. Try one of these projects with blocks paintedcoordinate.Ifyouvegotstoragespacetospare,gardening equipment. there to dress up your outdoor shower. You coulddeck, patio or in a couple of coats of Resene Lumbersider to complement yourtheres probably nothing stopping you from havingBut remember, placement is important. The closerpaint or stain it in your favourite Resene colours, eitherfurniture needs a colour scheme and protect them from the weather: two sets of dcor for different occasions or weather. your shower is to where you can tie it into existingin a solid colour or an attractive pattern. Or, go for arefresh before you Use them as a barrier: have a builder or stone mason stack andWhile were on the topic of weather, be sure thatwater lines, the easier and more cost-effective it willrusticlookwithReseneFXFauxRustEffect;itsaeven dream of inviting over visitors, clean it grout breeze blocks vertically to create a barrier or divider foryouroutdoordcoralsotakestheelementsintobe to install. If you dont want your outdoor shower towaterborne coating used to create a rust style effectwith Resene Timber added privacy around an outdoor social space.account. Protection from the sun or rain in the form ofbedirectlybesideyourhouse,solarshowersareon both exterior and interior surfaces. Once applied, itand Deck Wash then Use them to build a bench: line up a series of breeze blocksumbrellas, pergolas or marquees are a must, as areanotherwarmwateroptionwithoutthehassleoflooks like rusta look that will continue to develop asfinish with Resene horizontally to form a decorative front base of a bench and cutheaters, fireplaces and throws for cooler weather andconnecting it up to your pipes. Instead, they can bethe coating ages. Woodsman, Resene structural plywood to size to create the rest of the bench. eveningentertaining.Pickoptionsthatcoordinateattached to a garden hose. Kwila Timber StainUse them to build a raised planter box: stack and grout breezewith the rest of your dcor choices. Youll also need to consider where the water willor Resene TimberFor more outdoor decorating and DIYand Furniture Gel.blocks both vertically and horizontally to form a four-sided planterColour wise, there arent many outdoor items thatdrain.Besuretoseekadvicefromaprofessionalideas, visit www.habitatbyresene.com.box lined with plywood cut to size. cant be made to coordinate with a fresh coat of paint.plumber to sort out where your runoff will go as you Unless you are using them purely decoratively, be sure to choose breezeMost Resene testpots are made with Resene Lumbersider,need to mitigate the potential water damage to nearby blocks that are structurally sound enoughand properly anchored andwhichisdesignedtobedurableforoutdoorusestructures and the impact on ground surfaces to meetstyling Kate Alexander, Vanessa Nouwens Resenesecuredfor the project youre making. without the need for a clear coat. Use Resene Colourbuilding codes and your local councils regulations. images Bryce Carleton, Wendy Fenwick Triple Merino 30 31'