b'bathroomsBelow: Walls in Resene Cashmere and a floor in Resene Lynchpin with hand stencilled tile designs in Resene Solitaire, Resene Half Solitaire, Resene Gull Grey, Resene Double Stack, Resene Sour Dough and Resene Longitude make for an unforgettable combination. Pendant lamp and Resene towel rack in Resene Silver Chalice and plant pots in Resene Silver Chalice Wallpaper Collectionand Resene Half Silver Chalice. Bath and filler from Plumbing World, P035-VD2 Resene Living Palazzo towels from Briscoes.Serving New Zealand for over 100 Years Serving New Zealand for over 100 Years ReseneGive it a twist: Spanish GreenIf pinks are not your thing, a lush and lavish leafydesignlikeReseneWallpaperCollection Residential or Commercial* Residential or Commercial* P035-VD2 is a breath of fresh air in a bathroom. Weve Got You Covered! Weve Got You Covered! Pair it with accessories in soft sage greens like ReseneSpanishGreenorReseneHalf 5 Year Workmanship Guarantees 5 Year Workmanship Guarantees Rivergumandgoforbrightwhitebath fixtures with simple, contemporary profiles. 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Getthelook:Artistic types can try their hand at builder. a to sub-contracting are you if you covers Also Also covers you if you are sub-contracting to a builder. stencilling directly on the floor and walls of their guest bathroomor their master ensuitein a collection of Resene Master Registered the and companies paint major the by supported Is Is supported by the major paint companies and the Registered Master favouritetonalResenehuesforaneye-catchingparticular, thrive in steamy conditions and love humidity,Half AlabasterAssociation. Builders Builders Association. artisanallook.Whenpairedwithcontemporarybut others that work well are string of pearls, peaceResene fixtures and furnishings, the gentle apricot, grey andlilies, mother-in-laws tongue and asparagus ferns. InHalf Solitaireproperty, the buys who anyone to transferred be can Guarantee The The Guarantee can be transferred to anyone who buys the property, blue hues of Resene Solitaire, Resene Half Solitaire,this bathroom, leafy monstera plants bring literal life toResene purchaser. and seller for asset intangible an it making making it an intangible asset for seller and purchaser. Resene Gull Grey, Resene Double Stack, Resene Sourthe look in vases that have been painted in ReseneSolitaireDoughandReseneLongitudestrikeanelegantSilver Chalice and Resene Half Silver Chalice.Resene to addition in acts guarantee the contracts consumer residential direct For For direct residential consumer contracts the guarantee acts in addition to balance between modern and traditional. You can also bring in accent colours through towelsCashmereConsumer the under have automatically you that remedies and rights the the rights and remedies that you automatically have under the Consumer Accessoriesarethefinishingtoucheveryroomin a rich grey like Resene Steel Grey and paler ReseneResene Act. Guarantees Guarantees Act. needs, and bathrooms are no exception. Vases, potsSurrender to add a point of difference. Its details likeSour Doughand planters in colours that contrast or complement arethis that will really seal the look of your standout space. Resenean easy way to goespecially since many indoor plantsHalf Silver Chalicerefer to* Terms & Conditions apply - * Terms & Conditions apply - refer toenjoybeinginahumidenvironment.Orchids,inGive it a twist:While peach and blue are a perfectResene match for one anotherbeing that theyre contrastingSilver Chalicefor details. www.masterpainters.co.nz www.masterpainters.co.nz for details. colours from opposite sides of the colour wheelanResene achromatic version of this look in Resene blacks andSurrenderdid you know. whites would have a completely different energy butResene That the Resene Living Palazzo towel range isbe just as striking. Look to the Resene The RangeLongitudeAsk to see their Membership Card. Ask to see their Membership Card. Resenedesignedtomatchlongreigningfavouritewhites & neutrals collection for a wide assortment ofGull GreyResene paint colours to delight any bathroom?beautiful high contrast options from a true white like IfyouareenjoyingthehuesfromthefirstResene Half Alabaster to an elegant ebony like ReseneResene Double Stackcollection,keepaneyeoutforthenewAll Blackand everything in between. Resene collection coming to Briscoes in spring/summer.Steel GreyResene styling Megan Harrison-Turner Resene Lynchpin images Bryce Carleton All Black49'