b'alternative solutioncontemporary European splendourbuild up height to make an impression Designer Dean Philip Saunders suggests this alternative scheme: Symmetry and scale are the underpinning elements for this playful modern take on a traditional French provincial aesthetic. A bespoke concrete structure sits proud as the focal point, with an internal vertical moss wall taking centre stage. The concrete patio surface is defined and elevated with a metallic finish in Resene Spark to bring a sense of grandeur to the space. New vertical guardrails in Resene Blackout help delineate the entertaining area from the lower pool garden while the perimeter fence in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead frames the new garden and accentuates a row of Alnus jorullensis evergreen alder trees under planted with Hedera helix ivy. Low shrubs consisting of gardenia, penstemon, ajuga, liriope, helleborus and alternanthera line the lower pool area to envelop the space and create a colourful European flavour. The exposed concrete platforms, protected with Resene Concrete Conserver, provide an understated foundation while being a functional medium to the overall aesthetic.phone 021 244 6524 web www.outlooklandscapes.co.nzResene BlackoutGardenia veitchiiResene Waterborne Woodsman CrowsheadHedera helix ReseneHalf Black White before Piha chairsAbove: Dean demonstrates how a synergy of architectural stylingillustrationIco Tradersfused with clean symmetrical lines not only aids in maximising theMalcolm White Resenewww.icotraders.co.nzindividual spaces but fosters deliberate design detail into the overallAjuga reptans Spark 027 540 6600layout. Covered patio surface in Resene Spark metallic paint, plant pot in Resene Copper Fire metallic paint, guardrails in Resene Blackout, fence in Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead andResenenatural concrete surfaces sealed with Resene Concrete Conserver. Copper Firetop tipIf you cant find just the right colour furniture to suit your palette, paint it yourself. When painting new galvanised metalConcrete/Resin Plant Potfurniture, first wash it with Resene Roof and Metal Wash thenArtedomusapply Resene Galvo One before finishing with two topcoats ofwww.artedomus.co.nzResene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel. If your furniture09 361 1567Resene is old and rusty, consult your local Resene ColorShop for advice Half Concrete and which products you will need to treat and rejuvenate it.76 77'