b'feature houseLeft: Annick just updated her son Toms bedroom in August with aReseneceiling and crown moulding inDouble AlabasterResene Bismark. Walls, window trims and skirting boards in Resene Double Alabaster.ReseneBelow: The downstairs rumpusHalf Black Whiteroom, where the kids can have hangouts with friends without worrying about mum and dadReseneinterrupting their fun, doubles as aWan Whitemedia room for the family to cosy up and watch TV together. Walls and ceiling in Resene Coast help to create a cocooning space and keepResenescreen glare to a minimum. BismarkReseneCoastReseneWallpaper CollectionLL-04-05-7Resene colours. Next came the kitchen island.WallpaperWhenwerenovated,Ihadalwaysplannedon Collectionpainting our timber floor white, but as this was one of 219292 the last things to be done in the reno, the budget Above: The living areaannoyingly ran out, she says.Unfortunately, I had was recently given anplannedmybleachedoakandarcticwhitekitchen update with freshlycabinetryordered months prior to installationaround painted feature walls and a bulkhead in dramatichaving a white floor. The floor we have is rimu, so even Resene Balderdashthough weve sanded it back, it still has a slight orangeResene Annicks currenthueanditdidntblendwiththebleachedoakRougefavourite colour. Itscabinetry, which drove me batty. Given that painting jewel-like tone makes thethe island was far more budget friendly than painting space feel cosy andall the floor, I opted to paint the island cabinets andOpposite left: Esther studies in her pretty bedroom, which inviting, but because notback in Resene Nocturnal. Its not a true black, so itfeatures a magnetic noticeboard made by mum. Annick used all the walls are painted dark, it still feels light andstill has warmth to it and doesnt contrast the otherbasecoats in Resene FX Magnetic Magic and topcoats in Resene inviting. I love it, shewhite cabinets too severely. I love how it defines theSpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Rougewhich works just says. To contrast, thekitchen now. like chalkboard paint. Right wall, skirting boards and window tongue-and-grooveBut once she spun around to face the living area,trims in Resene Double Sea Fog. Team with a wallpaper such as panelling is in ReseneResene Wallpaper Collection LL-04-05-7 or paint your own design Wan White and thesomething was missing. Out came the dropcloths and(see p23 for tips). ceiling, skirting boardsrollers and on went Resene Balderdash on the two walls and architraves are inand bulkhead that wrap around behind the sofa. ForOpposite right: Lotties dreamy bedroom has rusty accents which Resene Half Black White. balanceandlevity,thetongue-and-groovepanelledare picked up in her bedding and pillowcases. Left wall, skirting accent wall in Resene Wan White and the ceiling andboards, trims and ceiling in Resene Wan White. Team with a architraves in Resene Half Black White stayed as theywallpaper such as Resene Wallpaper Collection 219292 or paint were. After that came son Toms bedroom, with a brandyour own design (see p23 for tips). new wallpaper and a ceiling and crown mouldings in Resene Resene Bismark. While she loved his old colour schemeReseneBalderdash in Resene Kangaroo, he had definitely outgrown it. Double Sea Fog20 21'