b'lighting featureBelow: Back wall inother lighting conditions, it can be fresh and fun. have your electrical plan in place before making theRight: Some lighting conditions Resene Dark Slate,Inthecaseofcomplexneutralcolours,thefinal call on colour. can make certain colours readResene front walls in Reseneunderlying base tone likeyellow ochre, brown umberPaint colours are far more adaptable than lightingas completely different hues. InKabulHermitage andor orange may suddenly take a warm, inviting beige orcolours, says Anna, so I would definitely approach itthis moody living room, the Resene Destiny, trimsResene Space Shuttle floor in Resene Sea Fog,taupetoneandturnintosomethingdirty,sludgythat way around. visually reads as brown. But Resene plywood floor inormoody. Too much lowwesterly sunlightcan bring upThe advantages to picking the lighting first is thatin other spaces, it looksBison HideResene Colorwoodthe dirty tone while too little sun coming from theyou can factor in practicalities. Doing it this way meansdefinitively grey. Walls and Whitewash, pendantnorth can grey off the colour,because the light comesthatyouneedtobeconsideredaboutyourpaintarch vase in Resene Monkey, light and vase inin from higher in the sky and makes shadows on thechoices, but youll have a huge wall of options at yourfloor in Resene Space Shuttle, Resene Zumthor,walls.Resene Bison Hide, for instance, is a gorgeousResene ColorShop to choose from to get that right. plant stands in ReseneUse mirrors to help reflect more light back desk in ReseneKilamanjaro (tall) with pot in Destiny, round boxescomplex neutral, but it can look sludgy in light comingIf you do need to select your paint before yourResene Kabul and Reseneinto spaces that are painted in dark hues.in Resene Dark Slate,in from the south or west. lighting, Anna suggests heading to your local lightingAmericano (short) with pot in Resene HermitageWithout careful testing of large swatcheswhichshowroomwithyourpaintsamples.TheycanResene Space Shuttle, books in and Resene Zumthor.should be A2size, at minimumand watching howdemonstrate some good examples of different lightingResene Kabul and Resene Rug from The Ivythe predominant source of natural light works with ortones to see how they affect your paint selections. Space Shuttle, tall plant pot on House, mirror fromagainst the colour, there is the very real chance of itshelf in Resene Felix and tiny Bo Concept, stoolbeing a disappointment. Its all in the mix vases in Resene Americano and from Nood, art byResene Double Felix. Sofa from Grace PopplewellThis is true also of paint on the exterior, says Carolyn.Different spaces call for different lighting, and that canMe & My Trend, rug from from endemicworld. I recently wrote to a homeowner who said that hervary greatly between the places in your home where youFreedom Furniture, throw and exterior colourlooked perfectexcept on the front of herget ready, where you revel and where you relax. Unlesssquare cushions from H&M Resene house, which had a westerly aspect.She thought thatthe room youre lighting is a literal closet, youre goingHome, round cushion from Destiny some chemical reaction to the paint that she was usingto need more than one source of artificial lighting in it.Country Road.Resene Colorwoodwas the reasonthe pale cream shed chosen lookedIts best to take a layered approach to illumination,ReseneWhitewash peachy and her beige looked khaki. It can be difficultstartingwithyourambientoverheadlightingthenMonkeyexplaining that there is nothing wrong with the paint ormixing in more directional and specific accent and task thecolour, butsome people are surprised when they seelighting.Thatwaythespacewillmouldtoyour Resenejust how much a hue can change in natural light. requirements at different times of the day, says Anna. strip lights is a really nice option as it floods the floor Sea FogThere really are no shortcuts to finding the rightIn a living or dining roomwhich, thanks to thewith a gentle soft light, butitwont distract from yourResene Resene Resene Resenecolour. Bringing home Resene testpots to see the hue inpopularityofopenplanlayouts,areoftenlocatedTV or media unit.Space Shuttle Felix Double Felix KilamanjaroResenesitu is the only way to go.within the same four walls these daysits ideal to startOneroomwherebrightnessshouldbemore Zumthor While natural sources are one component, thewithalargeceilingfixtureabovecentralpointsofimportant than ambience is the kitchen. Try installing artificial lighting that will be in your space is anotheractivity, such as the sofa or dining table. Then, lookrecessed lights along the edge of the ceiling to flood factor entirely, so its highly recommended that youtoward the outer walls for downlighting that can gentlythe space. If you have a kitchen island, consider hanging Resenewash the walls, curtains and art with warm, functionalpendants overhead, which will light the space withoutlamp wattage in any given light fitting. If you exceeddid you Hermitage brightness. This can be achieved with soffit or valancetaking up room you might need to eat or prepare food.the maximum wattage, there is a high risk of shorteningknow lighting, or even upward facing floor lamps that bounceAlso, youll have straight sightlines to your guests withoutlamp life, premature failure or blowing an electricalDifferent painted light off the ceiling. having to bend and peer around a hanging light. circuit.Thenewlowwattage,energy-efficientLEDsurfaces receive Dependingonyourroomslayout,accentlightsAnd dont forget under-cabinet lighting: runningoptions available help to minimise these risks. All lightdifferent amounts of could be used to highlight art while table lamps couldLED light strips on the bottom of your upper cabinets isfixtures should have maximum lamp rating labels solight because of the be placed beside seating to add another layer of light tothe easiest way to create an evenly lit counter space foryou can identify lamp type and wattage. way light falls? Since turn on when reading and socialising. And for extrafood prep and cooking. ceilings are more in ambience, a few candles never hurt. Find experts you trust shadow than other For bathrooms, task lighting in front of your face isA bit about bulbs Interior designers are really worth talking to also if youparts of the room, if always a good option, and the rest of the room needsThe last piece of the lighting puzzle is the bulbs (oraretryingtopulltogetherpaint,lighting,flooring,you want your ceiling to look lighter than to have strong lighting in terms of lumens, says Anna.lamps) that you use in your fixtures or light fittings. etc., says Anna. This is something we do all day,your walls, choose a I like having natural white LED lights in bathrooms asThe Correlated Colour Temperature (or CCT) ofevery day so we can definitelysave you all that timehalf or quarter it has a nicer feeling than a direct cool white. lamps can have an impact on how the light reflects andresearching products, lighting and paint when we havestrength of your wall For media rooms, you will still want to have a smallportrays your paint colours within a space. A lower CCTall that information at hand. colour. If you use the amount of light in there so having some low level LEDof 2700-3200 kelvins creates a warm and cosy feel,Youshouldalsohireagoodelectrician.Theysame colour as your presentingwallcolourswithyellowandorangeshould be able to guide you through a few options andwalls, your ceiling will look darker.undertones. A higher CCT, such as 4000-5500 kelvins,possibly show you some examples for lighting.top tipcreatesacoolermoreenergisingeffect,producingBeyond that, being really clear in your own mind Your paints sheen level will also pick up lightingwhite and light blue undertones. Keep this in mindabout how you like to use each space, which colours differently. Gloss finishes will reflect more light andwhenyouareselectingLEDlampsforyourlightmake you feel calm and how your house could best the colour will seem brighter while low sheen andfittings,explainsJuliaMcKerrowofLightingplusserve the way you live is really helpful for making flat finishes will diffuse the light and the colour will(www.lightingplus.co.nz).your decorating decisions. If you are clear on that, seem deeper. You can use this to your advantageaThe lower the CCT, the warmer the light effect willthenchoosinglightingandcoloursshouldfeel glossy front door will be eye-catching, while a flatbe. With darker paint colours, you wont notice the lightnatural and easy. deep finish in a bedroom will be cocooning. effected undertones I mentioned. However, you will need approximately 30-50% more light to achieve thestyling and projects Kate Alexander,Resene same light levels as compared to lighter paint colours. Vanessa Nouwens, Melle van Sambeek ReseneDark Slate Its also important to identify the suitable maximumimages Bryce Carleton Americano64 65'