b"special offers roofing featurethe ultimate crowningdecorating card Therearemanystagesinthemanufacturingglory When a crucial design decision is process, but it all starts with getting the colour right, Dean explains. While there are some charts where Take your Resene DIY Card alongwe use specialty paints like Resene FX Metallic andliterally hanging over your head, to your local Resene ColorShop ortextures, Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen paint is used participating reseller to benefit fromfor the majority of the swatches we make for Resene. look to a choice you can trust.these great savings: Dean and Dianne collaborate to make sure each hue meets Resenes exacting colour standards. The discounts off. colours are proofed using a given film thickness andC hoosing a roof can be a daunting prospect. Not only are you substrate, then the mixed colours are measured on amaking a considerable financial investment, but given the life spectrophotometerbeforeundergoingacarefulspan of a high-quality roof is about 30 years, its a designResene premium paints, stains, primers and sealersvisual check. Adjustments are then made until theWallpapercorrect colour is achieved. decision that youll be living with for a long time to come. ConsiderA wide range of decorating accessories Once the colours are approved by Resene, they arethese key factors when deciding which roof is right for your home.Resene Curtain Collection curtains and fabrics (NZ only) ready for the next stagewhich is the coating process. This is done on a purpose-built knife over roll coating line.ThecoatingprocessusescontinuousrollsofThe climate you live inAnd, of course, avarious substrates and coats the paint using a preciseNew Zealands landscape is unique, and uniquely testing, so you freesubscription andconstantfilmthickness.Thepaintthenpassesneed a durable roof that will withstand, but also complement, the to habitat magazine. through a heated oven to ensure it is fully dry before itenvironmentitssurroundedby.COLORSTEEListheresultof is cut into sheets at the end of the coating line. thousands of hours of rigorous testing in some of New Zealands plusenjoy specialThe next steps of the process include cutting the bulk discounts sheetsintopaintchips,printing,creasing,finishing,most severe conditions, so you can trust its durability. With proven (NZ only) when youslitting, mounting and packingeach process and theperformance, low maintenance requirements and a diverse colour spend more thantime it takes is dependent on the type of colour chart orpalette, COLORSTEEL has you covered.$750 in one visit. fandeck being produced, the number of colours andDesigned for moderate to severe conditions, COLORSTEEL Endura the quantity were making. Manufacturing a chart fromis the roof and wall cladding choice for the majority of the country. For start to finish generally takes about eight to ten weeksareaswithharshconditions,nearruggedcoastlinesorgeothermal For colour lovers, get the price of your 60-80ml testpotbut can take much longer. areas, look for intelligent solutions like COLORSTEEL Maxx, which is or A4 drawdown/testpatch back when you purchaseSo, the next time you hold a Reseneformulated to be extremely corrosion resistant. For areas that suffer paint or stain of the same colour. Simply bring back thecolour swatch in your hands, takefromhighmoisturelevels,COLORSTEELDridexisacleversystem receipt with the empty or part-full an extra moment to marvel andallowing superior ventilation and condensation absorption.testpot or the A4 drawdown/appreciatethatthatlittle testpatch when you purchase rectanglehasmadequite 1 litre or more of Resene thejourneyandpassed premium paint or stain someprettyscrupulous tinted to the same colour. standardstomakesure youllknowexactlywhat youll be bringing home in there's more. your next paint tin.Theres even a range of discounts and offers from other stores and suppliers. See www.resene.com/cardoffers for further details on these offers.Cut and keep Dish magazineHirepool Good magazineTile Warehouse ReseneVibeIf you dont have a card, apply at your local Resenedid you knowColorShop or participating reseller or apply free Most paint companies use printer ink colour matchesenvironmental credentials Will it stand the test of time?online at www.resene.com/diycard. on their colour charts? Printer ink performs differentlyAll COLORSTEEL products carry the Environmental ChoiceCOLORSTEEL is a durable local product, made by New Zealand under lighting, compared with paint, due to theNew Zealand licenceNew Zealands official label for strongSteel and designed for the conditions that surround us. A robust, Offers are valid in New Zealand to Resene DIY Cardholders only until 31 Marchdifferent make-up of the materialsthis is calledenvironmental performanceso you can be sure you aretime-tested product that has been keeping Kiwis safe, warm and 2021 and are not available in conjunction with any other offer, discount orpromotion. All companies reserve the right to amend or update their offers.metamerism. By using real Resene paint on colourmaking a great choice. dry for more than 35 years, COLORSTEELhas proven itself in See www.resene.com/cardoffers for current offers.charts, the colours look true to colour so what you seeThe right colour choice can also help with energy efficiency.everything from classic villas and contemporary masterpieces to on the Resene chart you will get on your wall. In hot areas, lighter colours will reflect harsh UV rays andrural buildings all over the country.Remember to test your colour with a Resene testpotheat, keeping your house cooler. In milder regions, darker Reseneas lighting, sheen level and other colours in thehues like greys and blacks create a cosy house by absorbingTurn the page to learn more about choosing Wet N Wild space can change your perception of a colour. light and heat. the right roof colour and profile54Colorsteel 2pp branded content_v6.indd 55 11/09/20 10:19 AM"