b'alternative solutionrosy and romanticsitting pretty in pinkDesigner Emma Brown suggests this alternative scheme:The design of this living space was inspired by the gorgeous design of Resene Wallpaper Collection 386531, which Ive chosen to feature on the ceiling. I wanted to create a room that challenged the boundaries of design while also having a focal point that sparks joy. The dusky pink Ive used on the walls, Resene Blanched Pink, creates a calming feeling without being overly feminine. The addition of the moss green side chair creates a simple colour palette which is accentuated by the textured rug, slate grey couch and wallpaper design. The large windows bounce light around the room, bringing a bright and airy feeling to the space. This gave me the confidence to add the darker tones to the ceiling without the risk of shrinking the room too much. My hope is that this gorgeous space will appeal to a wide range of tastes, challenge the traditional view of wallpaper being confined to walls and showcase an impactful alternative.email emma@emmabrowndesign.co.nz web www.emmabrowndesign.co.nz Resene Blanched PinkJuju HatLe Forgewww.leforge.co.nz09 622 3137Resene Quarter Rice CakeSoho 3 Seater Sofa Resene Colorwood Sheer BlackMe & My Trendwww.meandmytrend.com09 415 8650Fiddle Leaf Fig Resene Wallpaper Collection before Sill Life 386531Above: Emmas rosy and romantic lounge design makes use ofillustrationwww.silllife.co.nz Resene ColorShopsminimal furniture and dcor but still has plenty of interest and visualMalcolm White www.resene.com/colorshopstexture thanks to the incredible Resene Wallpaper Collection designResene on the ceiling. Its wave-like pattern is reflected in the area rug toNero 0800 737 363 or 1800 738 383provide a connection to the rest of the space. Walls in Resene Blanched Pink, floor in Resene Colorwood Sheer Black, architravesReseneand skirting in Resene Half Merino, ceiling in Resene WallpaperHalf MerinoCollection 386531 and door in Resene Nero. Rug from Furtex, table and console from Soren Liv, mirror from Sunday Home Store, candleholders from Le Forge, cushion from Penny & Bennett.top tipRemember, most Resene Wallpaper Collection designs are onlySunday Armchairavailable for sale for 2-3 years, and sometimes less. If you areMe & My Trendplanning to use the same wallpaper in multiple places or on awww.meandmytrend.combig project, make sure you have enough for the whole job from 09 415 8650Resene Quarter the start. It often pays to buy an extra roll in case you need a Milk White little more later.42 43'