b'step by step1 2 Step1:Measureandmarkoutsquaresonyoursheetof plywood in the following dimensions:sculptural side table2 x 400mm22 x 280mm22 x 160mm2 2 2 x 370mm22 x 250mm22 x 130mm2 2 x 340mm22 x 220mm219 x 100mmOmbre tones help create2 x 310mm22 x 190mm2a gallery-worthy table. Resene 3 4 Step 2: Using a circular or table saw, cut out your pieces. Wear Americano cutting gloves to protect your handsReseneTriple Friar Grey Step 3: Using a pencil, measure and mark the centre on the Resene top of each plywood square. Drill a 16mm diameter hole into Double Friar Grey the middle of all but one of the largest pieces.Resene Friar Grey Step 4: Sand down the sides of each piece of plywood and Resene around the drilled holes using 180-grit sandpaper. Then, use Half Friar Greythe wood filler to fill any gaps and help create a perfectly level Resene 5 6 surface along the outside edges of your squares. Leave to set, Eighth Friar Grey then sand the edges smooth. Wipe all surfaces down with a Resene Waterborneclean, dry cloth.Woodsman RiverstoneResene WaterborneStep 5: Stain both sides of the two 130mm2 pieces in Resene Woodsman Natural Waterborne Woodsman Natural timber stain. Leave the edges Resene Colorwood bare to paint later.Mid Greywash7 Step 6: Working from smallest to largest with your 160mm2 to 8 400mm2 sized squares, apply Resene Waterborne Woodsman Riverstone timber stain to the tops and bottoms, starting with a single thin light layer and wipe away the excess stain with a clean, dry rag. Continue to apply more stain as the pieces get larger. This will create an ombre effect, with the darkest and largest layers used for the top and bottom of the table and the colour lightening as the pieces get smaller. Wipe off any excess stain on the layer that will be at the top. Leave to dry.9 Step 7: Using high quality painters masking tape, mask off top tip the tops and bottoms of your stained squares along the edges so that the sides are left open.Use a full spectrum of Resene testpotsStep 8: Using the rest of your Resene testpot colours, paint to get a rainbowthe edges of the pieces with a testpot brush, starting with the look.lighter shades in the middle, and going darker as you reach Resene the top and bottom pieces. Repeat the same colour pattern on you will need: Quarter Surrender 10 your 19 x 100mm 2 spacers. 12mm thick sheet of plywoodResene testpots in your choice Above: Wall in Resene Quarter Surrender with modernistStep 9: Thread the dowel through the centre hole of yourMeasuring tape of colourswe used Reseneface in Resene Grey Chateau, left wall in Resenesquares to create the stacked table, using wood glue to adhereRuler Waterborne WoodsmanAmericano, floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywashthepiecestogetherasyougo.UseonesquareofeachPencil Riverstone timber stain, Resenetimber stain and DIY table in Resene Waterbornedimension and work up from largest to smallest, then work Woodsman Riverstone timber stain and ReseneLevel Waterborne Woodsman NaturalWaterborne Woodsman Natural timber stain withfrom smallest to largest with the remaining squares. MakeCircular saw, table saw or similar timber stain, Resene Triple Friarpainted edges in (from darkest to lightest) Resene Triplesure to glue a spacer between each piece.180-grit sandpaper Grey, Resene Double Friar Grey,Friar Grey, Resene Double Friar Grey, Resene Friar Grey,Wood filler and putty knife Resene Friar Grey, Resene HalfResene Half Friar Grey and Resene Eighth Friar Grey. 11 top tipStep 10: When you reach the top of the table, glue the finalElectric drill Friar Grey and Resene Eighth Sofa and throw from Nood. piece (the largest, darkest square) on to the top of the table.16mm diameter spade drill bit Friar Grey If you are only ever planning to use your tableOnly apply a clear finish ifLeave your project to cure overnight. 16mm diameter dowelling (cut to Resene Aquaclear satininside, you can use Resene Colorwood in place you have wiped off all the of Resene Waterborne Woodsman. excess stain, otherwise it 480mm long) waterborne urethane (optional) wont stick properly. Step 11: You can leave your table as is, seal either just the topWood glue project Leigh Stockton ortheentiretablewithReseneAquaclearwaterborneHigh quality painters masking tape styling Kate Alexander Resene urethaneinasatinfinishtoprotectitandaddaResene testpot brushes images Bryce Carleton, Ben Whorwood Grey Chateau low-level shine.78 79'