b'bright ideasReseneHarpBreaking boundariesWhen using a block of colour to create a zoned area within a larger open plan space, theres no reason why it cant eschew traditional boundaries. Block it outMake a stylish statement by bringing your colour block around a corner,With more people working remotely than ever before, on to your floor, over architectural details like architraves or panelling, on toits a smart idea to eke out a corner or nook where you a piece of furnitureor even a combination of all four.Paint Resene FX Magneticcan set up your own home office. Unless youre lucky Starting with a base of Resene Ravine on the walls and floor of this livingMagic beneath yourenough to have a room to spare, chances are youre room, this sitting area has been defined with a block of Resene Pumicecoloured Resene SpaceCotegoing to have to get creative.which both crosses over a corner and pours over onto the floor. CombinedLow Sheen topcoats andIf the area youll be taking over is in a multi-purpose with the strong vertical lines of the artwork framed in Resene Duck Egg Blue,your wall will work bothroom where it wouldnt make sense to erect new the cabinets in Resene Blue Smoke and the coffee tables in Resene Pewterwalls, separate it visually from the rest of the space and Resene Harp, it helps to make the room feel taller and more spacious.as a chalkboard and awith a block of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted Vases,bowlsandsmalleraccessoriesinReseneYucca,ResenePewter,noticeboard capable ofto a darker colour than the rest of your walls. Resene Resene Haven, Resene Pumice, Resene Armadillo and Resene Eagle. Sofaholding strong magnets.SpaceCote Low Sheen works just like a chalkboardand chair from Freedom Furniture, cushions from Citt, Shut the Front Doorsimply wipe it clean with a damp cloth whenever you andAllium Interiors, throw from Allium Interiors, downloadable art fromwant a clean slate.www.etsy.com/shop/noamaart.Full circleEven something as simple as a painted circle can be all it takes to define and bring character to a corner where you can curl up with a book within the context of a larger shared room. To get the look, youll need a small nail or tack, a length of string (that doesnt have any stretch to it) and a pencil. Figure out where you want the centre of your circle to be and hammer the nail gently into the wall there. Then, cut a length of string slightly longer than the radius of the circle youd like to paint. Tie one end of the string to the nail and the other to the pencil,thenkeepthestringtautandthepencil perpendicular to the wall to draw your circle. Remove the nail, patch the hole and sand it smooth. Work slowly and use a high-quality brush to paint a nice clean edge along the inside of your circle, then fill in the rest using a small smooth surface paint roller.In this reading corner, inspired by classic film noir, layeredtonesofgreycreateasophisticatedOpposite: Adding a stylishly curved corner to your colour block adds a desaturated look thats as much a live-in piece of art astouch of contemporary flair while echoing the shape of the desktop and it is easy on the eyes. Walls in Resene Half Stack withthe lines of the chair. Walls in Resene Cashmere with curved paint feature in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Nocturnal over circle in Resene Silver Chalice, floor and coaster intwo basecoats of Resene FX Magnetic Magic, floor in Resene Half Resene Silver Chalice, tabletop in Resene Half FriarChicago, desk, shelves, pendant lamp and coat stand in Resene Lustacryl Grey, vase in Resene Blackjack and bowl in Resenesemi-gloss waterborne enamel in Resene Nocturnal, bin and picture Grey Friars. Chair from Me & My Trend, lamp fromframe in Resene Rebel, magazine file and pencil cup in Resene Cashmere Citt, console table from Kmart.and painted accessories on shelves in Resene Rebel, Resene Cod Grey, Resene Half Chicago, Resene Swiss Coffee and Resene Nero. Chair from Mood Store, rug from Freedom Furniture.Resene ReseneSilver Chalice Pumice styling Greer Clayton, Laura Lynn Johnston, Vanessa NouwensResene Resene images Bryce Carleton, Wendy FenwickHalf Stack EagleResene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene ReseneArmadillo Half Friar Grey Duck Egg Blue Haven Blue Smoke Cashmere Half Chicago Swiss CoffeeResene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene ReseneBlackjack Grey Friars Pewter Ravine Yucca Nocturnal Cod Grey Rebel Nero68 69'