b'twos Resene ReseneReseneMerino Soothe RickshawcompanyVic Bibby, one half of the powerhouse design duo behind Bibby + Brady, lets us in on where she finds inspiration and her current favourite Resene colours. ReseneConchHow did you two meet and what led you to start your interior design business together?My background is actually in graphic design and Dael worked inand help get me back on track. Ill alsoReseneevent management in the UK before studying interior design. I hadvisit a few of my favourite designersXanadubeen running an interior design blog when Dael and I met throughwebsites to get a hit of inspiration.our children, who were in the same class at school. Dael had finished her studies and knew I was passionate about interior design, so sheYouve recently started offering an asked me out for coffee and suggested we start a business together.online colour course. Who would benefitReseneBlue NightAnd that was that! Nearly eight years on, we have built a great littlefrom taking it?business and a portfolio were proud of. The addition of our online colour course this year issomething weve been wanting to do for a while, Where does your design aesthetic stem from, and do you feeland were thrilled to be able to offer that to like you and Dael share the same design aesthetic or do youeveryone who is interested. Colour is such anResenediffer on that front? important part of our lives and all of our work,Eighth BlancOur design aesthetic could be described as relaxed luxe.We like toand which paint colour should I choose? is the work with high qualityfurniture and homewares to produce rooms inmost common question. Our online course is line with our aesthetic, and to achieve a sustainable design. But wedesigned to help the attendee create a colour always want our rooms to be inviting, warm and liveable. Dael and Ipalette thats perfect for their own home.have a very similar aesthetic, but its always great to bounce different ideas off one another. What do you love about Resene products?Weve been using Resene paints since we started our business, so we Where do you find your inspiration? knowthemwellandhavecreatedalargecolourlibraryofour Im kind of obsessed with all things interior design and love to stay upfavourite hues. Resenes staff are all amazing and so helpful, and to date with design mags, blogs and what other designers are doing theyve made working with them a pleasure. We constantly order A4 especially overseas. Dael and I both watch a lot of interior design anddrawdown paint swatches to build up our library and to provide to architecture based TV series. We also love to reflect the outdoors inour clients; and Resene also have beautiful interior plaster finishes our designs, so nature is a major source of inspiration, as are moviethat are perfect for our commercial and high-end residential projects.sets. And fashion is great for inspiring colour and pattern combinations.Which Resene colours are you currently crushing on?What are your favourite types of projects to work on? This year weve seen a definite move towards really earthy, naturalCOLOUR, UPCYCLE OR REJUVENATE We love boutique commercial projects, like restaurants and cafes, andcolours and shying away from cool greys. So were loving warmWITH KAREN WALKER PAINTS wed love to get our hands on a boutique hotel design project. Thewhites like Resene Merino and Resene Eighth Blanc. Dusty pinks that majority of our work is in residential design and our favourite projectsare sophisticated and grown-up are still favourites. Resene Soothe isCHALK COLOUR AND WAXare those where the client really buys into the process and trusts us toone weve used in recent projects. And we will always love greens do our job without second guessing our choices. We sometimes pushandblues,thecoloursofNewZealand;ReseneBlueNightisa our clients outside of their comfort zone, but its often these decisionsgorgeous deep navy, Resene Xanadu is a beautiful mossy green, andAVAILABLE FROMthat they end up loving the most. Most of our projects are completeif youre looking for a stunning grey blue with a warm influence, tryResene ColorShops and home designs, so we get to know the clients, their wants, needs andResene Conch.selected resellerstastes really well, and they quickly learn to trust us.To see more of Vic and Daels work and sign up for their new course,www.resene.com/colorshopsWhat do you do if you feel stuck on a design project? visit www.bibbyandbrady.co.nz.Thats where its great to have two of us. If I ever get stuck when Im working on a design, Ill run it past Dael and shell give me her ideasimage Florence Charvin80HB331020 My Favourite Colours - Bibby + Brady_v6.indd 80 11/09/20 11:10 AM'