b'top tipsnoBelow left: Wall in Resene Wafer with polka dots in Resene Double paint it right Alabaster, floor in Resene Pearl Bush, bedside table in Resene Big Bang, toy wallpaper?box in Resene Urbane with triangles in Resene Big Bang, cacti pot in Resene Dust Storm, mason jars in Resene Umber White and Resene Spring Wood. Headboard from Incy Interiors, bedlinen and cushion from Castle & Things.Choose the right Resene nop Below right: Wall in Resene Double Alabaster with scalloped dots in Resene colours and paints for the job. roblem! Chelsea Gem, floor in Resene Merino, cot frame in Resene Rose Gold metallic, adjust accordingly bedside table in Resene Merino with drawers in Resene Quarter Bison Hide, rainbow toy in Resene Sunbaked, Resene Swiss Caramel, Resene Peace, Many of the rooms inAnnick shares some hand- Resene Artemis, Resene Love Me Do, Resene Soulful, Resene Yuma and Annick and Tims homeResene Despacito, shelf in Resene Green Meets Blue, house shaped box in benefit from amazingpainted wallpaper hacks andResene Vintage. Blankets from Nature Baby, doll and sheets from Little natural lighting, whichWhimsy, art from Mrs Mighetto, canopy from Numero 74.keeps the mood lightevenhandy decorating advice.in areas like the stairwellResene Resene Resene(painted in Resene IndianE ver fall in love with a design from the ReseneDouble Alabaster Despacito Chelsea GemInk), where the walls areWallpaper Collection and then feel disheartenedResene Resene Resenedark. No matter which huetofindthatitisnolongeravailable?ManyUmber White Dust Storm Peaceyou paint your walls, ceilingpopulardesignsselloutquicklywhileothersgetResene Resene Reseneand floor, be sure to adjustdiscontinued after two to three years to make way forSpring Wood Wafer Artemisyour lighting accordingly so your colour and space looknewer collections. With a little time and patience, thereResene Resene Resenetheir best. are many Resene Wallpaper Collection designs that canUrbane Soulful Love Me Dobe achieved with paint. Annick shows how to recreateResene Resene Resenethe look of the wallpaper designs in her daughtersMerino Rose Gold Yumabedrooms.Resene Resene Resenestyle tip Pearl Bush Vintage Green Meets BlueResene ReseneAnnick gave her laundry anOn the dot Half Truffle Big Bangupdate over lockdown inTo recreate Esthers wallpaper design, I started with ReseneResene Rocky Mountain,Resene ReseneRustic Red chosen for its moody,two basecoats in Resene Wafer. Next, I used a rulerQuarter Bison Hide Swiss Caramelsophisticated tone thatand level to draw a grid, with lines 5cm apart in both contrasts the whiteware.directions. Then, I used a large round artists brush to ReseneI absolutely love theAbove: Annick and Tims 1901 villa looks tidy and handsome withdot Resene Double Alabaster on each of the grids Surrender finished lookit honestlyweatherboards in Resene Sea Fog trimmed with Resene Alabasterintersections in two coats. But you dont need to be makes the time I spend inand a roof in Resene New Denim Blue. The porch is in slightlytoo precious with the placement of your dotsit looks the laundry so much moredeeper Resene Triple Sea Fog while the front door makes aeven better if you take a relaxed approach.enjoyable, she says. Trystatement in Resene Blue Bark.ReseneResene Rocky Mountain with Nero deep wine reds, light greysSweet scallopsor inky blacks such as ReseneWhile shes over the moon about her recent colourTo get the look of Lotties wallpaper design, I painted Rustic Red, Resene Surrenderchanges,Annicksfavouriteroomisstillthemastera basecoat of Resene Double Alabaster first. Once that or Resene Nero. bedroomthewallsofwhicharedressedinchicResene dried,Itracedalargedinnerplatetocreatean Sea Fogwainscoting painted in Resene I Do, a genteel mistyoverlapping circle pattern. You can choose to go big greige. Like many other hues in her home, it has anlike I did or go smaller and more detailed.Using a added level of complexity and looks extra inviting withroundartistsbrush,ReseneChelseaGemanda dressed for drama teal accents and a ceiling and crown mouldings incasual, free-spirited approach, dot around the bottom For darker coloured walls,Resene Wan White. Resene edge of your round outlines. Then, add a second or opt for Resene SpaceCoteSincewevisited,AnnickhasalreadymadeNew Denim Blue third ring inside each one. Flat, which creates a soft,anothertriptoherlocalReseneColorShop.Her velvety finish as it reflectsupcoming decorating plans involve Resene Quarterstyling Annick Larkinless light. Of course, a greatBison Hide, Resene Eighth Joss and Resene Rakaiaandimages Bryce Carletonfinish starts with proper preparation, so be sure holeswe cant wait to see what she does next.Resenehave been repaired, oldTriple Sea Fogwallpaper has been removeddesignAnnick Larkin Annicks top decorating tips:and any old stainedimagesEmma MacDonald, www.fotographicnz.complasterboard has beenAim for a neutral base inyou feel when you are in theCreate a mood board of thingssealed with Resene Suresealcommunal areas and let art androom. Paint walls, trims, skirtingsyou love. This can be anything from before you dip into yourResene Resene Resenetopcoat colour. Alabaster Rakaia Blue Bark potted greenery add interest andand doors all the same colour as itfood and florals, to fashion and Resene Resene colour to the spacebut go for makes a room feel larger andother peoples design ideas.It will Eighth Joss I Do a character neutral like Resene sleeker.You can create contrast byhelp you identify the themes and Resene Resene Half Truffle instead of white forusing a low sheen finish on thecolours you are drawn to and can Quarter Bison Hide Wan White warmth and richness. walls and a semi-gloss finish onguide you in the direction of your Resene When using colour, dont justtrims, mouldings and doors. Tryhomes colour palette.Indian Ink turn the page for alternative looksthink about how it will look onResene SpaceCote Low Sheen Resene ReseneRocky Mountain for this homes master bedroom the wall but also how it will maketeamed with Resene Lustacryl. Sunbaked22 23'