b'colourful personBeautifully Brilliant AppliancesIf youre planning on taking your kitchen to the next level with a fresh renovation, Reseneyoure going to want to complete it with appliances that balance elegant aestheticsHorizon with unchallenged efficiency. trueExcellence in both form and function is the ethos that underpins every Omega appliance. Designed to be as pleasing to admire as it is to operate, the Omegarange is the ultimate finishing touch to any kitchen makeover. Whats more, every Omega product comes with a 4-year parts and labour warranty.coloursView Omegas full range at omegaappliances.co.nz. Available exclusively at Mitre 10.A look behind the curtain at what goes into making Resenes colour charts and fandecks.H ave you ever taken a close look at a Resene colour swatch before? Unless you are a design or paint professional, you may not have even realised that the colour you are holding isnt just a highly accurate representation of what your chosen paint hue is going to look likeits the real thing. You also might not know that Resenes commitment to providing true representation of their paint colours on their swatches, charts and fandecks is quite unique. In fact, Resene is the only company in Australasia who Color Communications Inc Australasia (CCIA) produces charts for who uses their own actual paint on their colour chart swatches.Itstobeexpectedthatwhenyoureproducing something that no one else is, especially on a large scale,thereisalotofextraeffortandspecialised equipment that is required to see it through. But much of making it happen comes down to two key individuals:colour marketing tools, CCIA have been manufacturingAbove: Dean Viljoen Dianne Connell, Resenes Colour Controller, and Deanthese items for more than 30 years.All those yearsplays a key role in Viljoen of CCIA. ago, Resene was their very first customer. Operatingthe creation of As Colour Controller for the past 30 years, Dianne isout of East Tamaki, Auckland, CCIA is a leader in theResenes colour swatches and the one who maintains the overall control of Resenesmanufacturingofcolourmarketingtoolsfortheensuring theymeticulouscolourstandards.Everytwoyears,shedecorative and industrial markets across the Asia-Pacificare accurate works with Resenes marketing team to monitor theregion,includingcolourcards,colourswatches,representationsprogression of colour trends and identify the hues thatfandecks and complete colour systems. of what youll be will make up the latest edition of the Resene The RangeThe manufacturing of colour systems is complex,decorating with.fashioncoloursfandeckandhelpstoupdateotherandeachstepintheprocessrequiresaveryhigh charts or create new ones as needed. Its a big task, oneattention to detail to maintain the necessary level of thatincludesresearchingpotentialnewcolours,quality, says Dean.selectingwhichoneswillgetmockedup,workingEach new or updated Resene colour chart or fandeck through the laboratory formulas and approving proofsbegins with a plan. Dean and CCIA liaise closely with of the final colours.Each fandeck takes over 12 monthsDianne and Resene to set the parameters for the project, from first research to finished fandeck. including the type of colours required, layout, artwork, While Dean has 12 years under his belt helpingprinting and quantity specifications, to name a few, toReseneResene with their colour cards, colour systems anddetermine everything thats required for manufacturing. Away We Go53'