b'doing itResene Quarter Rice Cake 38 years. A suburb thats overflowing with attractiveJBL are also part of JBLs top villas and heritage homes, it makes sense why theythe Resene Eco.Decorator were drawn to specialising in these types of projects colour picksReseneprogramme, a nationwideResene Half Rice Cake but its their commitment to quality and getting the Half Rice Cake details right, both inside and out, that has made theirnetwork of environmentallyand Resene Quarter Rice work so celebrated. responsible, quality-focusedCake seem to be popular interior colour choicesReseneWord of mouth spread about the quality of thepainting contractors.at the moment, and they Jailbreak work our team produced and our work on these types ofPainting contractors cando look great in the homes increased, says Judy. Soon, JBL became knownchoose to undergo assessmenthomes we have used across Central Auckland and the team was asked tothem in.I like Resene Reseneworktheirmagicinotherwell-knownheritagefor the Resene Eco.DecoratorShadowy Blue, a Shadowy Blue neighbourhoods like Ponsonby, Herne Bay and Remuera,programme, which includesbeautiful intense and their reach has only continued to expand from there. assessments of principlesblue.John loves anything bright, says Judy. Our ReseneSeeingrundownvillasandheritagehomesin practice, sustainabledepot in Glenfield has Dark Knight transformed back to their original glory is very satisfyingwork practices, wastefeature walls in Resene for our team and the homeownerso the results areKryptonite, Resene management, project plansJailbreak and Resene positive all around.Judy says the favourite part of her job is workingand project sign-off processes,Submerge.with a great team and the satisfaction of knowing thatso you can be assured thatLeft and above: Seeing howthey are producing great quality work.Also, becausethe contractor is committedwonderful the decorativethe bulk of our work is in residential homes,we dealto sustainable principlesfeatures of a heritage homewith some very nice people and the relationships that look after their extensivein their work processes.Resenepreparation and repainting isdevelop on site can be very uplifting for the team andwww.ecodecorator.co.nz Bismarkwhat keeps John and Judythe company, she says.Bisset doing the satisfying workOut of the many, many projects theyve done, one they do. Weatherboards inabsolutely spectacular Devonport house in particular Resene Double Concrete, frontstandsoutforthem.JBLalsopaintedthelarge door in Resene Dark Knight,heritage apartments next door a year apart. Both concrete base in Resenewere stunning buildings, and the redecoration made Concrete and joinery, windows,them look even more stunning, says Judy.The home columns, balustrading, rearwas a total renovation, so it was extremely satisfying pergola and other doors into see the end result.Resene Alabaster.When asked why they choose Resene, Judy says its the test Opposite: JBL employees because the products are fit for purpose, and that makes Luke Bisset, Laiben Hills them an easy choice.We use ReseneLumbersider for a and Alejandro Munoz in low sheen finish, which minimises the blemishes that front of one of their favouriteexist on the weatherboards of heritage homes, Resene heritage restoration projects.Lustacrylsemi-glossandReseneEnamacrylgloss Weatherboards in Resene Double Concrete and joinery,waterborne enamels for a durable finish on windows, windows, columns and railingResene Uracryl for a solid durable finish on exposed steel in Resene Alabaster. and, of course, Resene CoolColour technology for dark of time Resene coloured paints. Resene is great to deal with. There are stores handy to most job locations and pleasant, well informed and Concrete helpful staff. Our paint rep, Jay, is extremely helpful and well informed on product specifications and uses, as is the colour advice that Brenda Ngatai gives directly to A long-standingF or over 35 years, John and Judy Bisset have beenResene our clients.Kryptonitepainting the town togetherwell, many towns,If hiring a professional painter in New Zealand, Judy painting businessactually. Their business, John Bisset Ltd (JBL), andsays to always look to members of Master Painters NZ works wonderstheir team of 13 strong has rolled their way throughforqualityworkmanshipthatsbackedbyaMaster Warkworth, Omaha, Leigh, Tawharanui, Scotts Landing,PaintersGuarantee.Ifyoullbedoingthework on long standingAuckland and beyond colouring old and new homes,Resene yourself, she says, make sure you check with the heritage homes. commercial buildings, theatres, schools and more. Roofs,Alabaster staff at your local Resene ColorShop first so that you fences, special finishes, whitewashing, chalk paints andunderstandthepreparationandpaintingprocesses waxes, inside and outyou name it, theyve done it. youll need to make your efforts stand the test of time.Giventheirextensiveexperience,thebreadthofWhile preparation usually takes longer than the JBLs portfolio is nothing short of extraordinary. But itsactual painting, good preparation is the key to a good their meticulous modern and heritage restorationsthatpaint job, she reminds. Dont take shortcuts! caught our eye at the Resene Total Colour Awards.ReseneTheirbusinessstartedinAucklandsDevonportDoubleweb www.bissetpainters.co.nzResene ConcreteSubmerge neighbourhood, where the couple have lived for overimagesJessica Gernat, www.jessicachloe.com60 61'