b'-dyalternative solutionrich and refineda rich and regal work-from-home set upDesigner Georgia Langridge suggests this alternative scheme:The key to a great home office is finding balance between personality and warmth without creating distractions. In this room, Ive done that by paring back the refinement but turning up the texture. I wanted to further accentuate the rooms height by choosing a dark, rich timber stain, Resene Colorwood Banjul, on the flooring to ground the space and bright white on the ceiling to leaven it. Vertically, Ive used a variety of neutral tones, including Resene Half Alabaster, darker grey Resene Surrender and mid-tone Resene Iron to connect the two and create further depth and texture. The furnishings are relatively minimalist and gender neutral, but with varied lines and forms to add interest to the space. For warmth and softness, I have added a plant and layered sheer drapery on the windows, while a quirky pen holder and paperweight serve both practically and decoratively to make the space more personable.phone 027 200 3840 web www.modidesign.co.nzResene CoastSini VasesTrenzseaterwww.trenzseater.com09 303 4151Resene SurrenderNew Works Lantern Pendant Resene Colorwood Banjul Slow Storewww.slowstore.co.nz03 428 2555before Juno OttomanMe & My Trendwww.meandmytrend.com Typo Dachshund Pen Holder09 415 8650 Cotton OnResenewww.cottonon.comIron 09 887 9378ReseneAbove: Georgias design proves how important it is to get the details right toillustrationHalf Alabastermake your home office enjoyable to work in. The top two thirds of the ReseneMalcolm WhiteCurtain Collection window treatments have been left as their original Echelon Blonde design while the portion below the window trim has been given a dipped effect to match the lower wall and skirting boards by masking then painting them in Resene Surrender. Other walls in Resene Iron with inner panels in Resene Coast, timber floor in Resene Colorwood Banjul and window trims and ceiling in Resene Half Alabaster. Desk from Slow Store, chair from Kada, plant pot from Citt.Tray Table LampFreedom Furnituretop tip www.freedomfurniture.co.nzResene If you choose a darker colour for an accent wall in your home office, tint0800 469 327 Villa White it into Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and it can double as a chalkboard!26 27'