b'feature houseAbove: The design team found a number of clever and striking ways to incorporate parts of the original cottage into the new addition. Plywood walls and ceiling finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash, other walls in Resene Half Merino, reclaimed timber stairs sealed in Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K and trims sealed in Resene Qristal Clear. ResenePizzaAbove and below: Plywood lined ceilings, wardrobes and a headboard small retirement complex in the future that spreadsthe Tasman Sea and Kapiti Island.finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash bring warmth and softness toover the three titles that form their parcel of land,The existing gable was also extended to the east Deanna and Marcels sophisticated master and spare bedrooms. Walls in explains Wellington-based architect William Giesen,to form a new entrance gallery and act as a buffer Resene Half Merino, trims sealed in Resene Qristal Clear and flooring sealed whowasresponsibleforthedesign.Thespace between the communal living areas and the in Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K. redevelopmentoftheexistinghouseandnew addition, he adds.ReseneReseneResenereconditioning of the swimming pool was within thisComing up with the overall look and a Resene Half Merino Guru Quarter Merino broadervision,andtheirhomecouldonedayactpaint palette to suit was a joint effort shared between ReseneReseneReseneinpartasthecentralcommunalspaceforthethe homeowners and the architectural team. Together, Allports Navigate Colorwood Whitewash entire complex. they decided on a subdued scheme with splashes ofAbove: Rich watery blue makes another splashy appearance in the bathroom. Seeingitnow,itsdifficulttoimaginethattheblue added for impact. Sophisticated yet not at allDoor in Resene Guru, ply ceiling finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash originalcottagewaseverthereatall.Ithassincestuffy, their choices bring an inherent warmth to theand cabinets sealed in Resene Qristal Clear.swelled to house three bedrooms and ample livingupdated home. Below: No space is wasted in this homes thoughtful redesign. Custom areaswithinastrikingcontemporaryshell.ButDeannaandMarcelreallylikeblue,andmillwork finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash ensures Deanna and Williams design team was mindful of the history oftheirgarden,saysWilliam,sotheinteriorwasMarcel have ample space for working, storage and displaying favourite the house, the existing landscape and native trees developed to focus on bringing in highlights of thatbelongings throughout their home. Walls in Resene Half Merino, ceiling in Resene Quarter Merino, timber trims sealed in Resene Qristal Clear and which have been maintainedand sought ways tocolour within a neutral palette. The strong blues andtimber flooring sealed in Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K.incorporatematerialsfromthecottagewithinthesoft neutrals were inspired by the mature trees nestledResene Doublenew build. aroundthesite,whichalsooverlookstheever- Bison HideWe enlarged the existing building to increase itschanging Tasman Sea. While blue hues can be found connection to the pool then added a gallery entrancethroughout the home, the kitchen, bathrooms and space, which links into the new two-storey additiondoorsaretheareasandelementswiththemost thatisdesignedtobeabletoactasaseparateintensely concentrated colour.apartment. It offers the chance for the couple to liveResene Allports, a deep-toned cerulean blue, was independently from the main section of the home ifchosen to link the house to the swimming pool, sea required in the future. and open skies beyond. This colour was used on the The roofline of the original cottage was mirroredkitchen cabinetry as the reflection of these two bodies through a new gable, which extends alongside theof water into the house while Resene Guru, a Persian-pooltohousetheoffice,guestbedroomandinspired turquoise, boldly enhances a number of the bathroom.Thiselongatedstructurealsoactsasainterior doors.barrier to protect a new poolside lounge that overlooksTo balance and complement the intensity of the 38 39'