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Colour connection

Red seems to be a perennial favourite I see red
It’s not just a fashion thing – the colour red seems to be a perennial favourite at this end of the world. Maybe it’s the saturated, strong quality of our light, or the brightly flowering pohutukawa and wattle trees to which we’ve grown so attached... more
Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room. Think pink
Pink is a fairly polarising colour; you tend to either love it or hate it. It’s also considered extremely girly. But it’s a colour that is sneaking its way out of the baby’s nursery. Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room. Used in moderation, pink is an uplifting colour. But used too much, and it can become sickly... more
Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room. Optimistic energetic orange
Happy, fun, sassy, playful, optimistic and energetic. Orange is such an irrepressibly cheerful colour that it makes most of us smile. Some people are not so keen on its inyour- face exuberance, but orange as an interior colour has been in the good books for a while now – particularly in its clear, true form like Resene Hyperactive or the slightly burnt versions like Resene Vesuvius... more
Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room. Hello yellow

Happy, sunshiny yellow – it’s the colour of spring and summer, of warmth and cheeriness. It brings a bit of brightness into your life and makes you smile. So why don’t we see more of it in interiors? Yellow is one of the most vivid colours in the spectrum... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

Green branches out

This colour has had the most profound change in status in decades, if not centuries. Green. This word now carries the weight of all matters eco-friendly on its shoulders. But those shoulders are broad enough, and this colour – so harmonious and restful, symbolic of new life and hope – is the perfect signature shade for the eco trend. Can’t imagine red or orange doing the job, can you... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

Shades of the sea

Mutable, magical washed shades of blue and green – the colours of the sea. These crossover greens and blues are a strong and continuing trend which is not surprising in a country with such a lot of coastline. They are colours that create a soothing scheme where you can almost smell the salty tang of the sea... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

Why be blue?

So you thought blue was just for the boys? Think again. Apparently it’s the least gender-specific colour around. It’s also one that inspires a feeling of trustworthiness, sincerity and peacefulness. It stands proudly for moderation and dependability (no excesses here, please), which is why many uniforms are blue and why more conservative institutions often choose it as their branding colour... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

The power of purple

Purple is a fearless colour, the colour of royalty, luxury and glamour. Unlike its close cousins, red and blue, purple can inspire nervousness in home decorators. It’s a powerful colour, even in its softer forms of mauve and lilac, so many of us are wary of using it... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

The right white

White is white is white – right? Wrong. When you’re decorating, there’s white (which you can buy as Resene White), and there are a slew of other ‘whites’ or off-whites, with touches of yellow, green, brown or grey turning them to alabaster, chalk, ivory and cream... more

Mid-toned neutrals

Middle earth

It’s probably the most appealing, easiest-to-live-with part of the colour spectrum – mid-toned neutrals. Whether it’s a washed sand tone, a pebble grey or stony taupe, these colours are calming, subtle and hugely versatile. You can dress them up or down, and change their look and style according to the accent colours or accessories you put with them... more

Neutrals also encompass dark tones Super neutrals

Many of us think of off-white as the only neutral paint colour, but neutrals also encompass dark tones. These examples, mostly from the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection, describe the different types of dark neutrals and their effects... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

Just call it chocolate

Before you hurry to turn the page, wait – give brown another chance. The word may conjure up images of dowdy old-fashioned rooms decked out in shades of mustard and dingy brown. But given a pinch of grey or a twist of gold, brown can be a wonderful colour with which to paint your walls... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

How great is grey?

Like any other part of the colour spectrum, when it comes to neutrals, there is a fashion. For years, warm biscuit tones and dark smoky browns have been popular, but now it’s time for grey. Along with green-toned creams, it’s now an ‘in’ neutral and synonymous with style, glamour and a certain urbane sophistication – whether it’s a silvery off-white or a deep, grunty charcoal... more

Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room.

Black magic

We may be known for our love of black clothing, but it seems we also love this colour in our homes. It’s a brave person who paints their interiors in black, but the colour – or at least its many subtle shades from the Resene paint palette – is increasingly popping up in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Black is smart, sophisticated, dramatic, masculine, moody and urbane... more

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