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1 look 4 ways - exterior colour schemes

Create a superior exterior  with colour Create a superior exterior
Creating a scheme for the outside of your home is often harder than doing the same job on the inside. For a start, there’s a lot of cladding, acres of roof, and fiddly bits to trip you up. Then you’re up against our strong light quality which means colours can look very different than they do on the paint charts when you’re sitting indoors... more
Come on in Come on in
Front doors are an important part of your exterior scheme. They signify the entry, welcome visitors and are often the most cheerful component of your home’s exterior – like a smile on your face. This is the one area where you can be bold in your colour choice, whether that’s deepest black, or a vibrant bright. A high-gloss finish will then bring out the depth and richness of such colours. Red is a perennially popular front door colour but there are plenty of other exciting tones in the Resene colour range to choose from... more
Double duty Double duty
Our love affair with the sun, smaller sections and desire for good access to outdoor living spaces can sometimes lead to a clash of purpose. In this case, the front door sits right beside a deck that’s used for outdoor living. Colour can help either define or integrate these types of areas, enhancing the appeal of both beyond measure... more
Reaching skyward Reaching skyward
Creating tension, in a good way, the forceful forms of this architect-designed home play off against each other. The soaring lighthouse-like shape and tall strip of window on the central block offset the more anchored, sturdy shapes of the lower plaster blocks on either side. There’s no denying the central double front door, with its projecting porch roof reaching out to welcome you in... more
Shape shifter Shape shifter
The strong lines, sculptural layering and heightened sense of drama seen in contemporary residential architecture often doesn’t need the help of a complex colour scheme. As with this design by Hill + Miles Architecture there are other materials to consider – the richness of timber, the grunty honesty of concrete, the raw beauty of steel, all offset by discrete yet effective lighting. Often, the restful yet contrasting pairing of black and white is enough, perhaps with just a blush of colour on one surface or a pop on the door... more
Layering up Layering up
Contrary to some popular belief, modern architecture can open the creative floodgates in terms of colour. With the various strong planes created by the plaster exterior of this house, for example, there’s opportunity to treat each surface quite differently for either a subtle shift in tone or to opt for a more striking contrasting scheme... more
Villa versatility Villa versatility
With their beautiful character fretwork and corbels, villas are a dream when it comes to devising a colour scheme. In this country, we’ve never been especially flamboyant in terms of exterior colours for our character homes but your choices can help define both the home’s history and your contemporary tastes... more
Heritage honoured Heritage honoured
This heritage cottage fits comfortably within its environment and acts as a gentle backdrop to cheerful garden displays. With careful colour choices from nature or heritage ideals, it’s easy to achieve a suitably integrated effect. Light shades will help make a small home look larger while clever contrasts in the detailing will bring the scheme to life... more
On a grand scale On a grand scale
A large house can require a lot of thought when it comes to painting, but it also provides a template on which you can mix and match a number of colours. The key to decorating success lies in planning. Consider a range of shades, and look at your test areas often during the day in order to pin down the colours that will work best together before starting all that hard, but ultimately satisfying work... more
Born again Born again
It’s a fact of life that many of our older homes have been changed during the years, some split into flats, losing lovely original features in the process. In recent times, many caring new owners have re-converted these old homes and re-introduced character features. As seen here, the enduring approach of painting the trims in a light shade has been adhered to and modern practicalities like garages have been cleverly worked into the scheme... more
Deco Art house Daringly deco
With its fluid forms, motifs, parapet roofs and bold colours, Art Deco architecture is very distinctive. Today, many people associate Art Deco colours with soft pastel and gelato tones – pink, yellow, sky blue and minty green. Art Deco houses appeared throughout the country but especially in Napier, a city which was virtually rebuilt after the devastating 1931 earthquake... more
Transport yourself Transport yourself
The distinctive architectural styles of the Mediterranean are understandably popular here. We have much in common with that warm, sunny region where fruit ripens in the hot sun, herbs perfume our gardens and food is central to many occasions. The masonry walls, deep window reveals, Marseille-style tile roofs and whimsical detailing lend a sense of permanence and age to our otherwise young housing stock... more
Earthy shades At one with the land
With modern architects aware of the need to design new buildings that integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, especially in country and coastal areas, there are certain challenges when it comes to choosing colour. Yet the most suitable palettes are far from dull. Even in the most basic earthy shades, there are myriad variations... more
Vertical weatherboards Going vertical
In a land of mostly horizontal weatherboard houses, those finished with vertical boards have a sharp designer look. Favoured by architects of late, the sleek lines of vertical timber weatherboards are a complement to contemporary profiles like flat and monopitched roofs, and layered boxy shapes. Vertical weatherboards... more
Pergolas Come on out
Long gone are the days when the typical home had simply a front door and a back door, the latter a narrow portal opening straight out onto the path or lawn. These days, our homes do double-duty and the rear is another room in itself... more
Pergolas Taking shelter
The most popular innovation in recent years to extend the use of our outdoor living spaces is the increasing range of electronic louvred pergolas. These clever structures can be opened wide to let light in, or adjusted to manipulate the angle of the sun’s rays, or closed completely in the middle of the hottest day, or when the rain clouds gather... more
Outdoor rooms Sitting pretty
With an increasing emphasis on the concept of outdoor rooms, most of us now have at least one space that qualifies for this description. In the case of suburban bungalows and villas it can be a large, fully fledged area, while an inner-city apartment may only lay claim to a balcony. Either way it can be great fun personalising these sorts of spaces... more
Verandas Veranda romance
In a rural setting, nothing beats the languor and romance of an old colonial villa surrounded by deep verandas. After a hard day’s work, to be able to sit with a beer or a cuppa and look out over the land; to find shade from the sun or shelter from the rain – there’s nothing as handy as a veranda. Other classic features on this old villa are the steeply gabled roof... more
Art Deco style dwelling Alfresco charm
With its clean-cut lines and minimalist decoration, the roughcast finish on an original Art Deco style dwelling is the perfect canvas for showcasing colour. Along with its handsome outdoor fireplace and its sunburst motif, it can be transformed simply, quickly and relatively inexpensively – just as often as the desire for change comes over you... more
Add colour to your garden To blend... or not
There are two schools of thought when it comes to adding colour to your garden living spaces. On one hand you can aim to completely integrate areas, like this outdoor fireplace setting, with its surroundings by using similarly earthy colours, while on the other, you can add a completely contrasting scheme... more
Garden sanctuary Garden sanctuary
Creating a place of either quiet sanctuary or a place for entertaining is as important in a garden as it is inside your house. The block walls used to enclose this courtyard step down in three tiers to contain the raised garden beds, with a decking bench built into one side for casual seating. The clean, square lines of the walls... more
fencing Know your boundaries
The fence that separates your property from the street or other public spaces really sets the scene. Often an extension of the style of the house, it can be built from a vast array of materials – timber palings of any width and configuration, metal louvres, plaster, brick, rustic materials like punga or ti-tree, pickets, schist, volcanic rock... more
Fences Two-tone magic
A handsome mix of panelled vehicle gate, plaster columns and weatherboard panels, this design could herald any style of home – modern, traditional or anything in between. Cleverly created to cope with the slope of the road by Wooden Gates and Fences, its various materials cry out for a multi-tonal scheme. One of the easiest way to smarten... more
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