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Resene has an extensive range of wallpapers available. If you happen to find an identical wallpaper available from another local supplier for a lower price, we'll match it. That's our wallpaper price promise.

Some wallpapers and patterns shown in the online wallpaper swatch library may not be available in your country or may be from discontinued stock. In some cases some wallpapers marked 'Deleted' may still be available during that book's 'close out' period. Please check with your local Resene ColorShop for availability of your favourite designs and assistance with choosing alternative wallpaper options if needed to suit your decorating plans.

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About wallpaper

How to make a feature wall with wallpaper

Wallpaper was first used in 200 BC in China and was made of rice paper stuck to the walls in homes. In 1481 AD Jean Bourdichon painted 50 rolls of paper with angels on a blue background for Louis XI of France. A century later, a guild of paperhangers was first established in France. In a major development for wallpaper production, gravure printing was invented by Karl Keitsch in Austria in 1879 AD.

Wallpaper can provide

  • Textured relief
  • Colour and design options
  • Gloss differentials
  • Enhanced surfaces for plasterboard by improving the surface strength and minimising potential defects such as critical light conditions.
  • And most often an infusion of all of these as well as responding to a fashion trend.

Most commonly striking wallpaper options are used for key feature areas to draw attention and create impact, complemented by paint finishes on adjacent walls, trim and ceiling.

The three main wallpaper types

  • Un-pasted paper
    • Needs to have paste applied to the back of it prior to hanging.
    • Due to advances in wallpaper technology, there are few un-pasted papers on the market now.
  • Pre-pasted paper
    • Already has paste applied to the back of it. You simply need to activate the paste with water.
    • Has traditionally been the most popular here over the years.
  • Paste the wall (non-woven)
    • Most modern type of wallpaper and has many benefits over the un-pasted and pre-pasted options.
    • Most imported wallpapers are paste the wall and some local wallpapers are also manufactured this way.


Hanging wallpaper is not as hard as most people think. You can either:

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Note: The offer excludes Housebrands, Limited Editions and Special Priced products.

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If you would like to have the option of the Peace of Mind Policy, please make sure you check with Resene ColorShop staff before you purchase that this policy applies to your chosen wallpaper. All Peace of Mind Policy claims must be made promptly to ensure they can be honoured.

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